Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. I anticipate this thread may attract some heat but I can't help thinking "are they stupid?" when listening to the vast majority of Australians speak. The manner in which they end sentences in a 'questioning tone' being one. To my knowledge bar Germaine Greer (some may think 8O) I can't think of any other serious intellectual who's emerged from Australia. I think there has been a somewhat projection of Australians being somewhat slow in films and advertisements. Yet it can't be surely? I feel wrong and ignorant for feeling like this but I can't help it. I guess the point of this thread is to be proven wrong and show my ignorance.
  2. Steve Irwin (RIP)

    Now there was an Aussie with intelligence.
  3. I never watched his programmes, without being false I feel for his family for his sudden death.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Think whatever you like , but they make damn good soldiers.

    And that is the point of this website!

    edited to add:

  5. Shhh.
  6. Frank Jackson - revolutionised philosophy of mind in the '70s
    Peter Singer - everyone's favourite bioethicist.

    A bit obscure, I s'pose, but for a nation descended from convicts they don't do too badly.
  7. Well my intention for the thread was to be proven wrong as I want to be proven wrong. I don't like having such ignorant views but I can't shake it yet and want to see evidence to convince me. In all fairness I never questioned their soldiering ability just intelligence. Surely I do not need to be a member of the armed forces to question a matter that isn't military related? Even though this is a military site of course.

    How many of my posts did you have to trawl through to find that quote by me?

    Don't we all have such thoughts about others which we really shouldn't?
  8. He widened the worlds eyes to many issue with nature and wildlife. The guy was a genius...
  9. Maybe you're just not bright enough to understand them.

    Or you're xenophobic
  10. It took me a long time to get used to them coming across as sarcastic w@ankers , and this was at management level.
    Most Brits think Aussies are just poms in shorts and sandals , wrong .
    I thought they were not that bad at all , as soon as you leave the bar they will slag you.
    The Vietnamese asked me why Aussies are always talking about the English and the Queen and the English NEVER talk about the Aussies and the Queen, I was so disappointed to hear that.
    Check out the lads mags on sale in ozz and see how many young men write in about our royal family.
    Sad sad fcukers.
  11. I'm definitely not xenophobic, asking a question regarding Australians does not compute to me hating outsiders.. As for understanding them, I think with some it's more a question of getting past their pronunciation rather than anything else. I'm only expressing an opinion here.
  12. We had one in our troop in basic training, he was the oldest in the troop yet the most immature person I've ever met. His Barb score was in the 30's (I seen the list on sergeants desk by a fluke) he was fking irritating and the Tp Commander ended up banging his fiance when he gave her a lift home (that was very naughty though)
  13. I hope you're from Birmingham.
  14. Or the Wirral!!