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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    NOW this was a good vintage!!! :lol:

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  2. See 'Naffi Bar' thread, and then compare this little $hitfest with something like ''Kin ell...' 'Pardon my erection' or 'mongs.' I don't have too many tales of drunken debauchery, mong abuse or similar; I've only just got In. And if I've not got anything funny to say, you know what I do

    You guessed it.
  3. Hmm, wrong side of bed this morning??? How about you read you own comments then realise that your a hypocrite - To$$er
  4. I hate to point this out, but If you're treating my post as gospel (aww gee, thanks) - IE Naafi should be reserved for things likely to raise a laugh, rather than the latest picture lifted off - then you yourself are a hypocrite... because your post isn't really funny at all. Do you even know what the Naafi was like before shite like this became the norm? Just read the 'naafi bar' thread thats lurking, and you might regret your juvenile little knee-jerk bite. But if you don't, by all means, continue to encourage those terminal dullards who are desperately trying their best to degrade this board with pitiful, boring drivel.

    Have a nice day.

  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Do I know what the NAFFI was like way back....Lets see....
    Joined RAF in 1984 & served until 1996-Check!
    Joined TA later on & still serving with the rank of Sgt-Check!
    Yup,I think I know what the NAFFI was,& is like.
    Point being...If you dont like the post...DONT F****** REPLY TO IT!!A$$HOLE!
    Move on & slot yourself!
  6. No spike the point was that people think that the NAAFI is going down the pan and that only funny posts/down right disgusting posts should be allowed in the NAAFI and that your thread is not very funny and was therefore not really contributing. Before anyone points out that I'm about as funny as stubbing your toe on the doorframe, I am merely explaining what Sarnian meant, but didn't get across to you for some reason.
  7. we all finished now?
  8. I like Wolff Blass and visited the winery in the Barossa Valley. Its nice, but a Voddy and Coke is nicer (getting thread back on course-ish)
  9. Personally I reckon the Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon is a f***ing belter. Er...not very sophisticated am I? :wink:
  10. I supped the Shiraz on Thursday Island in the Torres Straits. Good memories, and a top sup.
  11. I'm more of a reds fan and perticularly like the Nottage Hill, Shiraz and Merlot but you can have the Cabernet Sauvignen (SP) too acidic.
    Ps bashing the Australians for beating them at some sport or other isn't funny they do it too us quite often.
  12. Shiraz, now thats a top grape:)
  13. Clearly a wine for laying down and avoiding, if you're of a Southern Hemisphere disposition!
  14. surely cocinelli is the finest red in the world - cant imagine that even the finest red the Aussies could ever produce would surpass its smooth taste and the way it compliments kebabs/hot dogs/burgers,chips etc etc and as for a white - well it has to be st pantelimo
  15. I am by no means a wine snob, but by FAR the worst I have ever drunk was a bottle of Keo Hock in Vrysoulles. It was a war crime.