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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Bond, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I have not been able to find anywhere resembling a solid or helpful answer to this question. I have enquired everywhere from my own CoC, to serving British Officers, to the British Army recruiting lot, to the squaddies trying to recruit blokes outside Tesco. Responses have ranged from 'Write to the British military Attache in Canberra', to 'I have no idea'.

    Rundown on myself. Happy to provide more information via PM/email if any recruiting types are about and can help me out.

    I am an Australian citizen, 20 years old, currently completing a degree at the Australian National University. I have served in the Australian Army Reserve as an Officer-Cadet for the last 3 years.

    Recently I have come to the UK on a study exchange, and was kindly invited to observe and spend some time with nearby LUOTC and TA units, and meet many members of the Regular Army from various corps and hat-badges. I was immediately impressed, and impressed regularly, by the attitude and calibre of all I met, and have made a determination to somehow get to the British Army on completion of my degree in June next year (2010).

    Essentially, I need to know how! I am hesistant to discharge from the Australian Reserve and hop on a plane only to be turned down at a British recruiting office for some absurd trivialty. It would be quite the warstopper. I have no idea what kind of visa I would need, how I would need to apply or so forth.

    When I return to the UK next year with the intent on joining, I will be holding a Bachelors degree in Security & Strategic Studies, and the Queen's commission as a Lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserve. I am happy to enlist as a private soldier, although obviously have skills and experiences that may contribute more effectively to the 'war effort' with a commission.

    Interested in joining a Cavalry Regiment, but nothing too posh, I can't afford to buy a Jaguar or visit Savile Row too often.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance or suggestions offered, most appreciative.
  2. Contact:

    Armed Forces Careers Office London
    2 - 12 Bloomsbury
    WC1A 2SH

    Tel: 0207 305 3329
    Fax: 0207 305 4310

    These are the people that deal with foreign and overseas applicants.
  3. Hi Bond,

    I'm currently in Perth, WA and am going to start the recruitment process later this year (saving cash at the moment for the UK trip if I get accepted).

    Get in contact with the British Overseas recruitment cell, their E-mail is some where on the Army recruitment site.

    Here is what they want for starters;

    You MUST be British/British Dual National/Citizens of the Irish Republic or Commonwealth citizen to be able to join the British Army.

    You MUST be over 16 years of age, and apply before your 32nd Birthday.

    You MUST have accommodation in the UK.

    You MUST have enough money to pay for your own flight and to enable you to live in the UK for up to 6 months.

    You MUST have a minimum of 5 years remaining on your passport.

    All applicants MUST have completed Secondary Education up to the age of 16; we will require verification of this.

    You MUST have a UK sponsor, who knows you and is willing to sponsor you. We will be contacting them for confirmation before your application can proceed.

    ‘You are required to have a person in the UK who knows you and is willing to act as your sponsor and be a point of contact whilst you are completing the application process in the UK. You must provide your sponsors full name and address. An e-mail address and/or telephone number will not be sufficient. You do not have to be accommodated by your sponsor, however, if your sponsor is not accommodating you, you must provide an address of where you will be staying for the duration, you must travel to the UK with sufficient money to cover your food, travel and accommodation for the duration of your application. Current guidelines recommend that you have at least £500 per month and be prepared to accommodate yourself for at least 4-6 months. This is merely a guideline; there is no guarantee that you will be enlisted; we cannot always foresee the issues that can cause delays. You should be aware that we will contact your sponsor at some stage during your application process; they will have 4 weeks in which to reply to our letter.

    You are not entitled to any financial assistance from the British Army whilst your application is being processed in the UK’.

    If you satisfy all of the above requirements and send all of the proof requested below your enquiry will be processed.

    Please send the following information.

    · Your full name (surname last),

    · Your date of birth,

    · Your Nationality

    · Your full postal address, including country. We will not send mail C/O a third party or a business/college address.

    · A photocopy of your passport to show your passport expiry date. If you are applying by e-mail you need to provide the issue and expiry date as we are unable to open attachments.

    · Your UK Sponsor ' s full name, address and contact number.

    · You MUST include any previous application number.
  4. You only need 4.5 years on your passport
  5. Ah, That is just going by what they sent me
  6. Anyone (British, Irish or Commonwealth) who wants to go to RMAS must have been residing in the UK for at least 5 years prior. A discretionary waiver that shortens it to 3 years can be applied for. This is for security clearance. There are no such time prerequisites for enlistment as a soldier.
  7. They don't seem to make it too easy to take the Queen's shilling these days.

    Bond, good luck old son you sound like the sort of bloke that ends up running the show.

    Good on you.
  8. Thanks for all your responses gents, most appreciated. I will get writing/emailing/phoning

    Theoretically, if I enlisted as a soldier, what do you think they would make of the fact that I have a university degree, and had previously held a commission or been an officer-cadet in the Australian Army?

    If i would be packed off to RMAS fairl rapidly, it could provide a helpful back-door approach.

    I'm certainly not adverse to the idea of being a soldier, although having been trained for 3 years as a platoon commander, I might find it a little tough re-wiring my head to think and act like a soldier. (Although it could be quite refreshing in some respects!)
  9. Others may be better placed to answer this as I'm still civvy, but I was in a similar position some years ago and the recruiter told me that simply being 'in' doesn't trump the 5(3) year residency regs for RMAS. Being 'in' does however count as residency for all UK government purposes (citizenship etc), so you may want to rack up your residency that way.
  10. Actually it is ACIO Strand that dealt with the majority of Foreign and Commonwealth applicants, however all offices in London now deal with them, it is entirely up to the applicant as to which office they visit if they are from outside of the UK, if they are applying from within London already then we prefer to use the professional courtesy of sticking to post code AOR's ;)
  11. I'm in Leeds at the moment, so not quite sure whether I would be better off ringing that number, or finding a recruiting office locally? Will be returning to Aus in a month.
  12. Just speak to the Leeds office and they should be able to give you all the info you need :)