Australian Terror Suspect Can Become UK Citizen

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by IrishGuard, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Australian terror suspect can become UK citizen

    An Australian being held as a terror suspect at Guantánamo Bay today won the right to be registered as a British citizen.
    The decision means David Hicks will be able to call on British authorities to help secure his release.

    A judge at the high court in London ruled that the home secretary, Charles Clarke, had "no power in law" to deprive Mr Hicks of British citizenship and said he "must be registered".

    Mr Hicks is originally from Adelaide, South Australia. The 30-year-old's mother was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia as a child -the basis of his case for securing a British passport.

    He was arrested by US forces in Afghanistan in December 2001 when he was allegedly fighting for the Taliban, and it has been claimed he attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    He faces charges including conspiracy to commit war crimes and aiding and abetting the enemy, all of which he denies.

    Mr Hicks's lawyers argue that the Australian government has refused to plead for his release and has made no attempt to prevent his trial by a US military commission.

    They say that, in contrast, the UK government has acted to remove all nine of its citizens imprisoned at Guantánamo, and would be compelled to call for the release of Mr Hicks.

    After today's ruling, his lawyers will now press the British government to make arrangements for him to take the required citizenship oath and pledge.

    They will then urge the Home Office to seek his release from the detention centre, in Cuba, and bring him to the UK.

    At the high court this morning, Mr Justice Collins gave the home secretary permission to appeal against his judgment on citizenship, but refused to suspend his decision pending any appeal.

    At a hearing last month, lawyers for Mr Hicks argued that Mr Clarke's approach to their client was "wholly inconsistent with the way in which he has dealt with all of the other British citizens detained in Guantánamo Bay" because he was not trying to help him.

    Amnesty International has urged the government to help a number of former UK residents, who are not British citizens, being held at Guantánamo.

    Amnesty says there are at least six UK residents among around 200 detainees who have been hunger striking against their continued detention without trial.

    :) You can have him!
  2. So we are kicking terrorists out to Lebanon and then getting new ones to replace them.

    Doesn't Clark have the right to strip the guy of his citizenship and then extradite him? Might as well get the wheels turning before he arrives so when he does he goes straight into custody before being shipped off to Australia! Winner! If it works...
  3. So we have to accept a suspected terrorist as a citizen. And we wonter why this country is going to rat sh1t.
    The only reason he wants it is to get off his charge. The australians have obvioulsy binned him for a reason!!
  4. Took the words right out of my mouth, hahaha.
  5. ! hope they continue with their hunger strike and do us all a favor and die.
  6. Slimmers of the year..
  7. This is not a done deal yet. Apparently the Home Office can still reject the claim despite the Supreme Court ruling. Keep an eye on this one. The moment the Home Office accept his citizenship the Australian Govt will renounce his Aust citizenship and leave the Brits to pick up the mess. If the Home Office have any sense they will refuse him UK citizenship and avoid this nonsense.

    Hicks served in the Aust Army but left early afterwhich he travelled the world looking into other's fights. He was lifted in Afganistan in a trench and armed, shooting at our spam friends. He now declares it was all a sad misunderstanding and he was just a tourist. Tough. You want to play games then don't bitch when it all goes wrong.
  8. I know we can strip him of his citizenship if he has done something "seriously prejudicial" to the UK's interests because of recent legislation, but I imagine the Home Secretary will have to prove that he has grounds for doing so. I wasn't aware however that the Australians strip an Australian-born citizen of his citizenship.
  9. Normally they cannot. When he is only a citizen of Australia he cannot be disowned as that would make he 'stateless' however the moment he becomes a citizen of another country (something many millions of Australians currently are) the govt may, in extremis remove his citizenship. Terrorism, although not yet proved in this case would be considered good enough. I think it would cause a certain amount of sh*t here but nothing that Howard the PM could not deal with. Many Aussies are ambivalent to Hicks's situation.