Australian senator defends wearing burka in parliament after backlash

Looks like someones causing a lot of controversy, she's campaigning for the burka to be banned,

"Pauline Hanson says wearing a burka is "not Australian" and tells people who want to wear one to "go back to an Islamic country", it also degrades security measures and poses an active threat against those in place where those wearing cannot be actively be identified.

So guess what, it's not Australian, and apparently should be confined to a country which has a Islamic majority or a country which has Islam as it's official religion and actively practised, like Saudi Arabia.

She wore one in the senate chamber, it's seem the lefties vs righty arguments are really going to be ground now...

To be honest, people wearing a burkha will defeat countermeasures designed to identify examples of persons wanted for terrorist acts, you could be a wanted suspect male or female, wear it as you wish and not be spotted on CCTV and roam the streets whether your mug is on Interpol or local Civpol posters...


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I dunno what Pauline thinks is Australian, half the government aren't going by the news reports of Ministers and Senators rushing to get citizenship.

I'm sure her fellow Senators would have been delighted if she had been more aggressive in her political statement by not talking or responding to unless addressed by or given permission to speak by her husband or other male members of the Government.


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She gets dafter by the day, poor woman.

Be honest now are you guys keeping her around as a source of entertainment or as a warning to wear appropriate PPE in case of head injuries?
If ever someone needed to cover her face, it's her. Still, the point is well made.

Do you lot think she'd help in getting that annoying Australian woman booted off the Trivago adverts? She's driving me MAD.
I bet the burka isn't banned in the Australian parliament. Also, it's got little to do with Islam and more to do with cultural ignorance in the rural areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan so it's a double fail for our crusading Sheila. I don't think burkas are commonly worn in Saudi Arabia.

I was on a site last year where staff are obliged to display photo ID. Wearing photo ID on your burka is a bit pointless. Even more pointless is the fact that you can wear a burka and cover your face while having your ID photo taken. The site contains uranium and enough radioactive isotopes to make a dirty bomber weep with joy.

Why is a place like that allowed to, effectively, give anybody access to substances that would be lethal if they got out? Because PC trumps radiological terrorism. That will not change until half of London is surprised to find that their hair is falling out and that they're puking up blood.
Some years ago, Hanson stated that she was moving to the UK as there were to many immigrants here in Australia.

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