Australian SASR Soldier killed in Afghanistan

Incident occured in ORZUGAN area . Defense liasing with family at the moment, name may be released in a few days (Fire Support Base website)


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Rest In Peace Aussie, your mates will be waiting with a brew.

Doesn't matter where your from, our thoughts are with your family and give strength to those who fight on

Sergeant Matthew Locke, Special Air Service Regiment was killed by small arms fire in Afghanistan yesterday.

Sergeant Locke was involved in Operation SPIN GHAR, which directly supported an ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces operation to target and clear Taliban extremists from the area around Tarin Kowt, in Oruzgan province.

Operation SPIN GHAR’s objectives are to help create a secure environment for the people of Oruzgan Province and to support the Afghan Government’s security and reconstruction efforts.

Defence extends its sympathies to Sergeant Locke’s family and continues to provide support to them during this difficult time.

The family has requested that the public respects its privacy.

SGT Locke was awarded the Medal for Gallantry in December 2006 for his actions in Afghanistan.

Media Note:

Limited information relating to SGT Locke’s Medal for Gallantry is attached.

Campbell Barracks, SWANBOURNE, WA, 6010

For gallantry in action in hazardous circumstances as the second-in-command of a Special Air Service Regiment patrol in the Special Forces Task Group whilst deployed on Operation SLIPPER, Afghanistan, in 2006.

During the conduct of an operation, a patrol, with Sergeant Locke as second-in-command, were tasked with establishing an Observation Post in extremely rugged terrain over looking an Anti-Coalition Militia sanctuary. After an arduous ten hour foot infiltration up the side of the mountain, the patrol was called into action to support elements of the Combined Task Force Special Forces patrol that were in contact with the Anti-Coalition Militia in the valley floor to their north. After the engagement, Sergeant Locke’s patrol remained in their location and was the only coalition ground element with visibility of the target area.

During the course of the next day the patrol continued to coordinate offensive air support against identified Anti-Coalition Militia positions in order to further disrupt and degrade the enemy’s morale. During the afternoon, the Observation Post became the focus of the Anti-Coalition Militia who made repeated attempts by day and night to overrun and surround the position. In one such incident the Anti-Coalition Militia attempted to outflank the Observation Post and Sergeant Locke without regard for his own personal safety, led a two man team to locate and successfully neutralise the Anti-Coalition Militia in order to regain the initiative and protect his patrol from being overrun.

This particular incident was followed by another Anti-Coalition Militia attempt to manoeuvre to attack the patrol Observation Post from another flank. Sergeant Locke, again with little regard for his personal safety, adopted a fire position that was exposed on high ground which dominated the planned Anti-Coalition Militia assault. Whilst deliberately exposing himself to intense rifle and machine gun fire from the Anti-Coalition Militia, he again neutralised the lead assaulting elements whilst suppressing other Militia until the arrival of offensive air support. Whilst still under sustained fire, Sergeant Locke then directed indirect fire to effectively neutralise another Anti-Coalition Militia advance on his patrol’s position. The courageous and gallant actions of Sergeant Locke were instrumental in regaining the initiative from the Anti-Coalition Militia and allowing the successful exfiltration of the patrol on foot prior to first light the next day.

Sergeant Locke’s actions of gallantry whilst under enemy fire in extremely hazardous circumstances, displayed courage of the highest order and is in keeping with the finest traditions of Special Operations Command-Australia, the Australian Army and the Australian Defence Force.
RIP Mate. Condolences to the family.
Condolences and Prayers to his family

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