Australian SAS

Only trained Ninjas can see it! The font is in the colour of the boathouse! ;-)
its on youtube. I watched it the other night. S'ok.
Seen it a few times now, infact had it on my iPod since the day it came out. Decent watch.

I prefer the "Australia's Secret War EXTENDED" doco which is over 1.5 hours fly-on-the-wall with SASR/2CDO and an SF-type EOD unit, also got a load of interviews with the blokes. Filmed less than a year ago.
Good drills, thanks. I'm in Poole tomorrow, and you've just reminded me to find the postcode!
Remember to wear as much gucci kit as possible. If you're visiting the HQ building, enjoy the photos in the corridors. Some rather interesting subject matter.
IIRC when this was first released there's a total of 3 programmes.

It's also available to DL via a well known (as debated on Arrse) website ;-)

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