Australian Prison Break

Just heard (on R4 10 am news)that a prisoner in Australia has gone on a crash diet and escaped from prison by squeezing trhoug the bars!!!!! :oops:
Now thats dedication!

Where did he get the inspiration? Bobby Sands? :D
I'd start looking for him at the nearest McDonalds and work out from there. Sorry but the story appears to have been embelished out of all proportion (there's a surprise). He didn't squeeze through the bars, an imposibility as no matter how much weight you lose your skull does not shrink. It appears he hacked away the wall beside the bars of the window and legged it. The guards must be right alert berts. I do not believe it is a max security prison at all.
FluffyBunny said:
I didn't realise they had prisons in Oz.

Surely the whole place is designated as a penal colony where transportees can live out a relatively useful life whilst not bothering the gentry of the Empire?
Ahh. You are clearly well read in our history and what you say is true. However we have a single prison in Sydney for the New Zealanders who visit.
From 'The Australian' newspaper

Prisoner 'slimmed' to escape

January 19, 2006
A POLICE search for a highly dangerous prisoner who escaped prison apparently by slimming has been widened to interstate.

Robert Cole, who was serving a jail term at Sydney's maximum security Long Bay prison for stealing and assault, escaped between 9.30pm (AEDT) on Tuesday and 6.50am yesterday.

He slipped through a crack in a brick wall.
Full story at,5744,17868369%5E29677,00.html
I stand corrected, Long Bay jail is indeed a High security prison however they might want to upgrade the grout around the windows.

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