Australian Police State Legislation Pending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. The Howard administration has drafted proposed legislation aimed at turning Australia into East Germany with kangaroos. It has proposed legislation that would:

    ** Subject any person to a "control order" on the ex parte application of the government. Control orders could confine the subject to his home, prohibit him from using electronic communications devices, require him to wear tracking devices, prohibit the subject from associating with specified persons, or restrict his employment to approved employers. Such "control orders" are to remain in effect for as long as the government wishes.

    ** Authorize the government to withhold from a control order subject's lawyer the evidence on which the order is purportedly based.

    ** Allow secret detentions of terrorist suspects for up to fourteen days without charges.

    ** Authorize the incarceration, for up to five years, of a terrorist suspect for revealing to others that he is being detained as a terrorist suspect.

    ** Authorize the government to monitor all communications between a terrorism detainee and his lawyer.

    ** Authorize the government to withhold from the detainee's lawyer the alleged grounds for detention.

    ** Suspend all legal guarantees of confidentiality, including the attorney/client privilege.

    "The New Anti-Terror Laws in Australia" by Maz Bukhari. 14 October 2005
  2. Excellent news, it means me and my family will be that little bit safer when we go next year.

    Good news all round :)
  3. I'm all for the police abducting terrorist suspects and killing them. Some of you may have more hard line views on this.
  4. Yes, you missed out torture
  5. Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Jon Stanhope posted the draft legislation on his own website.

    The Australian government told him to remove it.

    He declined to comply.,5744,16924260%255E601,00.html

    Neither these reports in the Australian media, nor any others I could find linked to the offending material.
  6. The "convict' state has always required "special" treatment.
    Pity they can't play Rugby or Cricket
  7. These are a shocking set of laws, for a democratic country to have such policies is disgraceful. Australia is at the top of a slippery slope and this is a step over the edge. The others laws I can see some justification for but to refuse a detainees lawyer the evidence required to fight their case is a fundamental breach of their human rights. Before you all start ranting about protecting the human rights of the victims, just bare with me, prove a person guilty fair and square then remove their human rights. Remember this, INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, this statement is one of the mainstays of a democratic society, it's what separates us and other democratic nations from the rest of the scum that rule this earth!
  8. me thinks emigration to Oz is off until this law is ditched :evil:
  9. What a quality idea to plant, create a bit of terror , water it down a bit.
    Then when it gets kicked out by the Aussie parliament/lawmakers , they'll end up with what the U.K. is planning
    WIN / WIN situation for the Aussie leaders
  10. I have to say, I am perplexed by all this stuff. If the Government knows who these people are, or has a reasonably good idea at least, why go to all this trouble with prisons and so on? Don't they have snipers in Australia? I'm sure they'd get the right victim most of the time.
  11. And all this from a country that used 'gunboats' to turn away illegal immigrants not 4 years ago
    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

    GOOD on 'em :lol:
    Now all we have to do is get a government with a touch of backbone and we're sorted
  12. Ah well just as long as they don't Mistreat the Abos.
  13. You nasty b*stard!