Australian or New Zealand "REME"

Discussion in 'REME' started by sirbobbymoore1966, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Anybody got any info/news on transferring to the above?
    Had a quick look on their sites and cant see a mention of "rebalancing" so reckon it may be for me!!
  2. With the NZ Army you can't transfer, I'm not sure if this is the same for Australia?

    Here's a quote from the NZ Army web site:

    3. Can I enlist whilst I am on Resettlement/Terminal leave?

    No. It is a common misconception that personnel are able to transfer from one overseas service to another. This type of arrangement is simply not possible. Current (overseas) serving applicants must be entirely discharged from their service obligations prior to being enlisted into the NZ Army. This includes being free from any long service leave, resettlement leave and any reserve liability that may exist.

    Hope this helps :)

    the NZ army is very interested in recruiting ex-brit armed forces NCOs or Tradesmen, there are a few now in NZ forces.

    for more detailed info call and ask to speak to someone in the military attache office.
  4. Oddly enough, was chatting in the bar about this last night.......Australian Army are actively recruiting, whiles NZ will rip your arms off to get you in. Also their Navy is after Ex Brit Army. Lots of options not just REME.
  5. One of the lads from my Regt has just left and joined the NZ Army, spoke to him before he went and said if you have any sort of decent trade they really will rip your arms off to get you in. The pay is not as good but thats because the standard of living is much lower, so if you have a pension your laughing. Basically the way that the UK is going down the pan with crime and immigration etc, it's got to be a good move. Go for it!
  6. and another quick point, there is no seperate REME core in NZ now,

    by '95 there was only (aprox) 380 pers in the whole of the RNZEME, about 160 of them regular.

  7. Carefull there, you may give someone a dangerous idea :)

    or should that be give someone dangerous an idea?
  8. dont know about australia, but think u might find NZ has gone the full circle and gone back to having a reme, my reasons for assuming this is that we had a NZ sqn attached to our sqn for telic complete with their own fitter section all reme cap badged and wearing reme stable belts that was 2003,

    and in the last intake we had pass through ATR(P) we had a kiwi who has done the reverse transferred from NZ REME to british army as a armourer, he was at the time a class 1 corporal, has had to drop 2 ranks but as he says he is on a better wage and he thinks a better career structure, yes i had to hold back the grin as well.
  9. There are a lot of REME chaps jumping ship downunder. If you want to go to Aus, email the SCMA (address is on the info page) with a couple of lines detailing your trade, rank and years served. If they want your trade, they'll send you the relevant paperwork and outline the procedure.

    So far I have spent 2 years in the process, I should be there in Sept, all being well. PM me if you want any more info.
  10. I have been offered a job in RAEME with a drop of one rank, just waiting for my labour agreement to come through.

    I was in the process for about 12 months before being accepted but i'm not finished yet!

    I believe that the long drawn out process is meant to weed out all those except the really keen and its a fair point; its not a trip to be taken lightly!

    Any questions feel free to PM me
  11. Ref NZ, I spent 6 months there in 2000. There are two main workshops, one in Burnham Camp - near Christchurch, and another in Linton, near Palmerston North. Then there are the LAD-type outfits, serving the two infantry battalions, the engr sqn and gun bty.

    The life in NZ is awesome, especially if you're into adventure trg and outdoor pursuits. You would find it very easy to fit in over there, as their ways of working are pretty similar to ours. Not sure about the RNZEME bit - when I was there, they were all Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment, but a lot of them were still wearing their REME stable belts under their covvies - bit like if we got merged with the loggies!

    I had a fantastic time out there, met some brilliant people, but also met some noshers too. I know the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you bother to find out all the information you need, you should be able to make an informed decision. If you do go, then you've really got to go the whole hog. I would suggest going out there for an extended recce, and get into the camps for a look around. Fact is that you could sell your house in the UK, buy yourself one in NZ outright, and exist quite happily. Kiwis are a fantastically welcoming and generous people.

    Any more info required, please PM me.
  12. Yup, I've been over here in Nelson, New Zealand for coming up 7 years. Went for joining the REME, but got a better offer from the NZ fire service, so have been with them for 5 years now. Quality of life is fantastic. Pay is ok but could be better. I would definitly recommend coming over for a recce, you'll have a blast. 3 dollars NZ to the pound at the moment too. :)

    Life is greeeeeeaaaatttt!
  13. I was at Linton Camp just outside Palmerston North on a course in April and I can assure you that all traces of RNZEME have gone.
  14. anyone tried going to the canadians??
  15. Is growing a Canadian Arrse a pre-requisite?