Australian op tour lengths

A couple of weeks ago the Aust govt presented its budget. Sessions of the Senate (upper house) Estimates Cttee are now underway. This includes grilling senior officials from all parts of govt. Including the Defence Forces, ‘senior’ can include down to 1 star which keeps folk on their toes even when the govt members of the cttee provide a bit of top cover.

A couple of days ago the Chief of Defence (none of that ‘Staff’ nonsense in Oz) revealed changes in op tour lengths to the cttee. It had been 6 month tours with 12 months between tours. It is now to be 8 month tours with 16 months between. SF tours continue at less than 6 months because their tours are more intense. RAAF and AAvn (who fly Chinooks, etc) remain at 4 month tours.

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