Australian Members Beware

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by down_under, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. It seems that,(alledgedly) :wink: , posts from Aussie members are being monitored by the powers that be within our Army.(Alledgely :wink: , someone is employed to scan posts from this region of the globe). What does this mean? Well, it seems we have to be extra careful with posts now because big brother is watching us when we exercise our miniscule bit of freedom to do what we want in our down time. I know for sure,(alledgedly) :wink: , that this is happening because of an incident at work today. Won't go into it, but needless to say this site is now,(alledgedly), :wink: being monitored by Aussie big brother. So, if you are Australian, and still serving, be careful. :x I for one intend to remain and post as I see fit because ARRSE is a great site for finding out what is happening within the Army community. Is this sort of thing happening anywhere else, such as the States, UK etc... Apart from the journos looking for 'qoutes'.
  2. Remember, ARRSE is a public domain internet web site not operated by the Army, whether it be British or ADF. It is a place to post rumours!!!!

    Fcuk long as you do not use names or break PERSEC / OPSEC, these forums are a is rumoured that many of the senior british army officers read these threads...........

    It must be refreshing for them to get the truth instead of 'Yes Sir.....everythings great.......this is my fourth time here........Yes Sir......etc'
  3. Well it now seems our Seniors are following suit... I agree though, it is a good place for humour and as long as you don't break op/persec as you say then all should be fine... We'll see. :D :wink: I know I haven't broke the rules... 8)
  4. I like the Aussie Army - always fcuking good blokes (and girlies). :D

    So - if you are one of the Peeping Diggers - and your c0ck can reach your arrse - go and fcuk yourself :twisted: :twisted:

    You don't have to follow the Brits in everything we do - and trying to organise a control regime that would have made George Orwell write a sequal to 1984 is what our cnuts are doing.
  5. All the Aussie serviceman I have worked with have been spot on, with a really great attitude !!
  6. Hi all,It's not only ARRSE that is being monitored.Generally speaking,most sites are being watched and the action starts when key words such as bomb,explosive,revolution and jihad are detected.For example,if you write
    "I was driving along in my bomb when I heard about the jihad against the vegetarians and I exploded into laughter."Well mate,that would land you in deep poo.I suggest we all use some "Key" words as often as possible,just to see what happens next.See you in the slammer.
  8. for once I am speechless :wtf:
  9. Spent many a good time in Brisbane with the Aussie Army.. Enoggera anyone been there? (Excuse the spelling it was sometime ago!)
  10. Obviously you are not being left out, In the UK a staff officer’s at land command and PJHQ often screen what being posted on this site, how do you think they get their best ideas?
  11. You are!!!makes two of us 8O
  12. erk..........
  13. And why do they do that?

    a. To keep sane working at Wilton/Northwood.

    b. To post just like everyone else.


    Working nowhere near either of the above - thank god.
  14. Good to see my tax contribution hasn't been wasted on frivolities then.

    Like this is news. They always monitor anything and everything they think might be in the least bit morale boosting and try the crack down on it. Go ahead fundament fondlers I would love to see what you think you can do about it even if you do work out the user behind the name.

    Get a life I think they are on special this week at Franklins/Bi-Lo/IGA/Woolies :roll:

    *chucks brown eye for good measure*
  15. Make it three :D Datumhead - just out of interest - how the fcuk did you find that jpeg :?: