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Discussion in 'Medals' started by danny842003, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Just a question can medals awarded in the British forces be warn if you later join the Australian forces? My thoughts would be no, but looking on the kiwis site it appears any medals awarded in a country where Liz is queen can be warn as long as entitlement is proved. Just wondering rather than need to know.
  2. Yes, you can wear your British gongs in the ADF subject to approval by the Australian Honours and Awards Office.
  3. Never mind your bone question, I think all Australians should get a medal just for being Australian, having to live with all those idle loudmouthed layabouts whilst the dingos munch on your kids, well a medal might make all that bearable.......
  4. Also does time served in the British forces count towards a long service gong. As it appears it does in the kiwi forces. I'm amazed at that fact, couldn't see it happening in reverse.
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  6. Prior British Service counts for feck all towards the Australian 15 year medal.
  7. He might miss out on the LSGC, but gets a medal for being in 4 years anyway.
  8. Get my "thanks for coming gong" (4 year) next year, makes up for me missing out on the diamond jubilee bling thing...........;-)