Australian looking to transfer to TA in Scotland

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BigG, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Gday fellas. I'm currently a Reserve (TA equiv.) rifleman in Aus and am possibly coming out to study at Dundee Uni in the next year. I was interested to know if there were any TA infantry units in/around Dundee - or if there were any close by? Can anyone assist here?

    I understand that our reserve forces have an agreement with yours (and Canada's) for transfers of this kind. Its something that I'll need to chase up a bit more though. However, if any of you have first hand experience with such things then I wouldn't mind hearing from you.

  2. I have sent you a PM with some information about your various options in and around Dundee.
  3. G'day mate, why don't you consider the Medics? That way when you eventually go back to OZ you will have another useful skill set for your unit to rely on. Just a thought.
  4. Thanks for your information and suggestions fellas. 7 Scots looks like the closest Unit around that does what I'm interested in. I'll check out doing some work with them as a rifleman.
  5. PM sent my friend
  6. Medics are cooler!
  7. We had a Digger with our unit for a while and he was a thoroughly decent chap of the sort Aus & NZ seem to produce many of, who made himself a useful and popular member of the unit. So yes it can be done and can work very well (although I think he had a few problems with the bureaucracy).

    The only cautionary note or piece of advice I have is that you might wish to try and get hold of some more substantial items of uniform before you come. Our guy came across wearing some sort of combat pyjamas, like an oversize version of a kids' soldier outfit from Mothercare, and was permanently cold.
  8. A Coy 7 Scots...... :wink:

    but the Wah meter is twitchin a bit .Mmmm
  9. So he had to wear his Aus issued kit? He couldn't wear your gear? What about pack and webbing - is that BYO too?

    I've got a bit of cold weather gear. Nothing gucci, just lots of different layers of clothing. But thanks for the heads up. I'll see if I can get a decent jacket.
  10. We currently have a Canadian Officer working with us at 2 Sigs, Dundee.
    He has fitted in well and is now running Support Troop.
    He wears his own uniform but was issued with Gortex and 95 webbing, sleeping system etc.
    Give me a PM if comms floats your boat.
  11. I think he started off wearing his slouch hat and may have ended up with one of our berets but I may be imagining this. I'm sure he got issued with a pack, webbing, sleeping bag etc. As regards the rest of the uniform, as I say he wore his Australian issue combat PJs which were a bit on the insubstantial side as well as being a bit conspicuous in colour in our drabber climes. He didn't / couldn't mix and match this with warmer British gear.
  12. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    When you say 'our Reserve's have an agreement with yours and Canada', have you looked into the entry requirements as an Australian national, visa wise? As a student you are limited to what work you can do and how much, and would have to have an Entry Clearance that poperly reflected what you intended to. And this would obviously have to be declared on any visa application prior to arrival.

    Assuming you have no other nationalities of course.
  13. We had an Officer Cadet on attachment in Aus last year. The arrangement was that the Aus unit emailed confirmation of training, we paid the MTDs into their UK account.

    Reversing that arrangement would appear to be neither difficult nor of any interest to either UK immigration or the Inland Revenue.