Australian joining the British Army??

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Anto_Capone, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. Hey, this is my first post so please bear with me.
    Im a 15 year old australian and will be turning 16 in a few months, i wanna join the british
    army as an Guardsmen (i think that's what its called) and go on to be a sniper. Can someone please explain the overseas application process, it said you have to apply in England, how long does the process take, and what are my chances of becoming a guardsmen. the minimum age is 16 but can they turn me down in favour of someone who is say 19?? and lastly if i do
    have to apply in england do i have to pay for my living expenses (like food and
    accommodation) while in england, what if it takes a couple of months, do i foot the bill for my living expenses for those months while it being processed??
    Thanks in advance for any answers
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    Cor! the ockers have got internet, is that standard for all the colonies now?

    the way the UK is going at the moment mate you might be as well staying down there as its turmoil up here and likely to be for some time.

    Nationality and residency - British Army Website

    you could join a junior infantry battalion down there then apply to swap over to the UK if you really really want to stand still for hours at a time.
  3. Australians get bullied in the British Army, all of them.
  4. Not all of them. The really stabby ones get left to be bullied (I think that's what they call it?) in Bulgarian prisons.
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  5. The British Army are being cut severely. I know a couple of Aussies in the British Army. They tended to serve in the Australian Army then transfer. Do you have British nationality by dint of Father/Grandfather?
  6. if i do have to apply in england do i have to pay for my living expenses (like food and
    accommodation) while in england, what if it takes a couple of months, do i foot the bill for my living expenses for those months while it being processed??

    You'll definately have to get to the UK first. You'll probably have to get a Civvy job and pay your way. Shouldn't be a problem - Aussies coming to England to work is a well trodden path.

    How to join - British Army Website

    Joining from overseas - British Army Website Joining from overseas

    There is a live chat function. Use that to ask the recruiters direct.
  7. Yep, and living up to their ancestors they end up behind bars...
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  8. Give the kid a break. He asked the right question in the right place on his first post.
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  9. Just injecting some humour!

    To the OP: I've been out for a bit but when still serving knew quite a few Aussies in our Forces. The atmosphere between the Australian and British Armies is a bit different - as might be expected the relationship between a Digger and his Seniors is a lot less formal than between a Tom and his. This is likely to be even more marked if you are intent on joining as a Guardsman.

    Some of the Diggers I spoke to also felt that they didn't get as much of a chance for Operations as the Brits. Not sure if this is true with Afghanistan & the Op in Timor, though!

    One word of warning. The British Forces are getting smaller & thus recruitment is going to fall. In turn the places available for Commonwealth citizens will be fewer & farther between.

    All the best!
  10. As someone who has done exactly what you describe - bar joining the guards (i'm swifter and bolder) and qualifying as a sniper I feel I can be of help. Joining the Infantry is relatively straightforward and quick (its a pinchpoint trade still) provided you are medically and physically fit and show a degree of interest and enthusiasm throughout the selection process.

    Whilst the minimum age is 16 - thats really only for UK residents who elect to attend an AFC. As commonwealth applicant you'll need a visa valid for 6 months - this meant for me a YMS visa. You can't get one till you're 18, so thats the earliest you'll be able to enlist unless you have a British passport through your parents or whatever... You are also responsible for your flight over, you passport/visa fees and keeping yourself housed and fed while you're over there. It was an expensive exercise and I saved for a year after school in order to do it. I ******* love the army though and its all been worth it... I joined for the operational experience the British Army could offer me and I'm off on Herrick in a few weeks, less than a year after I joined.

    If you do decide its what you want to do start saving now, finish school and get fit, then fitter, then more fit...

    oh and try to avoid spending the winter in Catterick haha. Its unpleasant time to be on exercise for us antipodeans...
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  11. Ok, well thanks everyone for the um.. honest responses. :)
    Really? i thought australians were regarded well? or is it just the australian army in general and not the individual soldiers?? But anyway the responses have help me decide that it'd be better to weight until im 17 and join the ADF as a riflemen and possibly transfer over after a couple of years, thats if i don't decide to stay of course :)
  12. Oh and thanks for your advice peaches. it was nice to get the advice from someone who's done it.
  13. I'm an Australian bleeding heart and I would like you to join the British Army, go on holiday to a country with really dodgy prison/judicial system and get a long stretch. I will then bore on and on about why you should be released from that jail, receive the Freedom of Warminster and a golden handshake from HM the Queen.

    I apologise for the odour but I was on the way to change my undercrackers...
  14. Anto,

    In case you are confused with all of the off-topic references, a young Australian thug called Jock Palfreeman joined the British Army in 2007 but, before he'd finished basic, stabbed a couple of people while he was on holiday in Bulgaria. For which he is doing 20 years.

    He has a rather monomaniac "supporter" on here, with the useful ID of "Shittypants", who thinks we should break him out of prison or something similar. Ignore us. And Shittypants, if he turns up.
  15. Don't worry, mate, I'm messing you with. I know a couple of Aussie lads and they're really decent. The Army (British) has a wonderful knack of ignoring race, religion, nationality if you're a good bloke, but if you're a twat, they'll let you know about it.

    p.s. I'm a twat and they let me know about it.