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Discussion in 'Australia' started by gennithmedic, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. I've noticed that the Aussies, whether in the UK or on Ops, seem to only wear issue kit. (Especially the boots.) Unlike the UK, "can't wear it if it was free" gang.
    Is this because Digger kit is superb, or is the Aus Army a bit **** about blokes supplying themselves?

    Hope you b'stards can drag yourselves away from the beach barbie long enough to answer this one...
  2. Aussie kit has gotten a lot better over the last decade but that is not the main reason really. The message from the SNCOs etc was to only wear issue kit when I was there as that was the only stuff 'you could get through the system' so to speak (particularly relevant I suppose on ops). Whilst the message on GP boots was pretty strong I do remember guys buying their own webbing and taking that bush with them, with no one really batting an eyelid. I think culturally it is different too in that the Aussies expect to be issued with almost everything and not really have to spend their own dosh on important kit.
  3. Re Boots, Chief of Army issued a directive last year authorising wear of certain Altimas, Bellevilles, Bates & Crossfires ... these can be worn on OP or EX in lieu of the issued boots. If these break on OP they WILL replace from the system, but it will be the issued set.

    Re webbing, there have been a series of trials of various chest rig and vests, but all seem to come to naught. Many folks buy their own kit, but that depends on the local policies - some COs and RSMs approve, some don't.

    The Army Reserve is currently back to "issued webbing only" thanks to some blank-ball contamination incidents.

    As Lighthorseman stated, the issued stuff now is vastly better than the stuff issued 20 years ago when I was a newbie - that crap hadn't changed since the Vietnam war.
  4. I joined in the early 90s and still remember kit like the 'Smock, Tropical', which we all referred to as 'Smock, Psychological' it was that sh*te. The 'Jumper. Howard Green' was another that I remember, as the only piece of Cold Weather clothing we were issued for both barracks and in the field! Those were the days when the Australian Army was in the doldrums and a poor third to the Navy and Air Force, when 'Defence of Australia' was the dominant policy.
  5. I robbed a Camelbak from the stores in Toowoomba.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    How did webbing cause this?

  8. I'm guessing rounds were found stuck in a non-issue pouch.
    Regular Army can wear own gear - to a degree. This is very much CO/OC driven. Generally personal webbing is accepted, however there are **** idiots who try and implement the 'issue only' policy to the letter.
  9. Most of us would argue that that it didn't ... plainly the inspections prior to the activities in question were lame and ball ammo not picked up. Initially the ban was on a certain type of elasticised pouch, which CAN under certain circumstances catch a loose round and make it hard to pick up in a slack check.

    I suspect the blanket ban is to cover the Army's arrse from a legal stance.

    Cynical, moi?
  10. Our kit isn't too bad, but like Nige said there are some tool Hierachy who do drive that policy too far.

    I've never had a problem with the Terra boots, but then again I don't wear them that often (I use Fireants as I'm required to have the steel caps.). I haven't had to buy much, just an ALICE pack to replace the god-awful AusPack and a double webbing comforter.

    A lot of it is each to their own really.
  11. What are the issue boots like nowadays? They used to be sh1t (Terra's, made by Redback), weighed a metric ton when wet and were prone to picking up stones by the dozen, but it was policy to make guys wear regardless. Every now and then they'd do a new update of them (iirc it was the mk 7 or something like that when I left).
  12. Spanish

    A lot of blokes grumble about them, but how much of that is the desire to look all Gucci in some Altimas, and how much is genuine gripe?

    The one gripe I have is that they stretch a great deal, and what fits really nicely at the Q store is too loose 6-8 months later. Otherwise I'm happy enough with mine. My field pair will probably need replacing soon, after 2 and a half years (I'm a Chocko); I know lots of blokes who over the same period are on their third or fourth pair after all old ones have fallen apart.

  13. What would civilians working in Aus deserts wear? Apart from flip flops.
    Are there any local bootmakers?
  14. Blundstones and RM Williams are popular brands.

    Blundstone were struggling financially some time ago so dont know if they are still going.
  15. The story passed down was that unissued webbing "plat a crap" stylee was being used that had elasticated pockets. A live round was trapped in the elasticated pockets and was not picked up end ex in the clearance. It then somehow miracuously made its way into a blank mag put in the elasticated pocket on the next blank firing excercise and someone got shot.

    Pretty sure there has been some elaboration on this story, but that's what was passed on to us. Therefore no un issued vests to be used until Further notice, as quite obviuosly the webbing/vest is to blame and not the lack of proper clearance!!!!!!!!