Australian/Irish duel citizen wanting to join the British Army

Hey there.

Im currently a 28yo Army reservist here in Oz, former Regular forces. I always wanted to join the British Army but the laws were changed saying you needed to have lived in the UK for 5 years as a commonwealth citizen before you can apply, now you cant apply at all. However Irish citizens can still join straight off the trot. Ive emailed the recruiting team and asked and never really gotten a definetive answer. Seems like the person on the other end just kinda of guesses and the answer I get is usually 'I dont think so'. If I was to walk into a recruiting office and show them my Irish passport would I be able to start the application process?

Also is there any leeway with the age restrictions? 32 years and 11 months for combat roles. Would prior military experience over turn that?

You would need to be trained in the new Armies Doctrine regardless of prior service, just because you do something in a prior Armed Forces doesn't mean its the same in the new one.

Nationality - British Army

If you've lived in the UK for 5 years, and meet the residency rules (below), you can apply. Each year, we also offer limited opportunities for applicants who don't meet these rules. These will be advertised.

Best bet is to contact British Embassy

British High Commission Canberra - GOV.UK
Yeah I'm aware I'de have to go through all the training from Recruit training to IET's.

So what about my Irish citizenship? Ive never lived in Ireland either.
Following the rules to the letter

As an Irish Citizen, you can apply to join the regular Army. If you're hoping to join the Army Reserve, you need to be already living in the UK."

Apply as an Irish citizen then

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