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Discussion in 'Medals' started by Bond, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Gents,

    Have tried the medals office but am still waiting on a reply (been a couple of months now), does anybody know whether Australian Awards (gazetted by HRH) are generally approved for wear? What sort of 'proof' would I need to provide if any?

    I'm about to join the British Regular Army, having spent some years as an Australian Reservist - wondering if it's worth bringing my Australian tin along or bin it?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. One of my lads had a row of 7, mostly accumulated in his service with NZ army before transferring over. I have also seen several aus medals. I'm sure you will get answers when you are actually in - reckon the badge wherever you are joining is a good bet. It will be a yes but specifics I can't provide.
  3. [​IMG]

    He seems to be wearing a mix of kiwi and british ribbons and if he didnt get picked up when this picture was taken i guess it was ok.
  4. Should be part of your discharge paperwork shouldn't it? I mean your medal entitlements, and yes if they are gazetted then you are entitled to wear following whatever application paperwork the Brit army has. We have it in the Oz army for Brits/NZ transfers so there has to be a reciprocal arrangement.
  5. If you want an order of Australia, you'll have to instruct disabled Abo lesbians in puppet theatre.
  6. As the Queen, not the MOD, is the fount of all Honour; anything she has issued in any of her realms can be worn. Now, The Badge might disagree, but quote the first sentance to him and I am sure he will understand...
  7. Yes you can - UK gongs have precedence though.

    If you want "official" cover, request that your unit write to PS12 (A) - they are the people that deal with all things shiny and ceremonial.
  8. Outstanding - thanks for all the helpful replies gents!
  9. As above mate I am ex ADF and I wear my uk medals followed by all aus medals.
  10. I have an AASM but I can't wear it - although I asked permission. The reason is quite clear - no double medalling in the UK. So, you can wear your medals i'm sure, but won't be able to wear equivalent UK awards for the same campaigns.
  11. well thats not entirely true if say he served in afghanistan as an ozzy and has the oz medals for theater he can wear them (including the ISAF Medal as its an authorised oz award) if he later joined the british army and served in afghanistan as a brit soldier he would be able to wear the OSM aswell. (this would take precedence in brit service) the key bit is same period of time, not same theater as if that was the case you wouldnt be able to wear more than one of the Yugodisney gongs. the oz gongs would not count towards ACSM11. I take it bubbles you got another gong along with the AASM that is authorised for wear as a brit a UN/interfet gong perchance, i take it you were attached to the colonials in some capacity
  12. In the ADF the AASM is issued with multiple clasps for relevant theatres this is issued to be worn along with relevant campaign medal be it Australian Iraq or afghan medal , interfet , unamet , Balkans , Cambodia etc etc some of these clasps have no corresponding additional medal.
    If you have medals from your ADF days you have already been authorised to wear them by the sovereign for service in her armed forces and therefore should do so.

    The AASM is not a specific theatre award it simply reflects that the individual has deployed on warlike operations with the Australian forces the clasps worn on it explain where .I wrote to the SO2 medals at horseguards upon joining the British army who clearly stated I was entitled to wear all Australian medals approved for wear , because they were already approved for wear by the Queen.

    Bubbles I don't know whom directed that you are not allowed to wear the AASM but I am in close contact with a bloke from the RM who deployed to Timor with me when I was serving in the ADF , he was awarded the AASM and the UNAMET medal and wears both albeit the un medal with his uk campaign medals and the AASM at the end of his rack after Brit
  13. However an old oppo joined the TA he had numerous Australian medals and was told he couldn't wear them with his Brit Iraq and afghan medals by his PSAO and CSM ,he too contacted the SO2 responsible for these things in londist and was told he could on production of his proof of award .
    This included AASM with 2 clasps , Interfet Medal and NATO former yugoslavia medal with ADM