Australian Hanged

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by midnight, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. I hope all the arssers, screaming for the hanging of the young Australian,are now happy,for whatever reasons.

    I believe that a strong country, can show clemency,and will be strengthened and not weakened by it.

    I hope that Arrsers,with young ,sons, daughters...why `young`....the Singaporeans have been known to hang grannies,don´t have to go through the pain and anguish of an arrested relative;facing the death penalty.......yes it could happen to you!

    I´ve never read about them hanging multi-millionaires,drug lords etc.Just run of the mill people.

    As I´m writing this Afganistan is producing TONS of Cocaine,under the eyes of the UN,US UK .NO Alternative...they say!

    As a weapon of fear,oppression,one state ideology,suppression,(Don´t like the neighbour, plant drugs on him/her,sounds rather like a middle ages witchhunt)judicial hanging sounds like the perfect tool,legally kill people and put the fear of god into everybody.

    I´m not sure that this isn´t a form of evil,designed to suppress the people of Singapore.I for one will never visit or if I can help it,buy goods from this NAZI state in the making.

    They´ve just wheeled in the guys body for a photo shoot,nice body,just putting the finishing touches to the make-up to hide the agony he must have gone through.I´m no softie but don´t these `people`ever think of the relatives,their anguish,their sons dead,but they are doomed to remember and grieve for the rest of their lives.

    I live in a country that murdered millions,but they learned the error of their ways;Singapore is,in my opinion,a TERRORIST STATE,a very clean one!
  2. Was in Singapore six weeks ago. A delightful place.

    I'd welcome a bit of "suppression" Singapore style in the UK if our population adopted their standards of behavior.
  3. Being a multi-millionaire is not yet a crime, even in Singapore. I do not doubt that if convicted in Singapore the drug lords too would be hanged. Unfortunately most of them operate in countries where they are unlikely to face severe penalties.

    Poor spelling and unnecesary capitals - interesting - a sort of Grauniad/Scum technique. What's your alternative plan for Afghanistan?

    What a great way to learn about the culture of a country, and perhaps understand their attitude to drugs and crime. I have visited, incidentally, and whilst not perfect I found it a very pleasant, not least because of the low crime level.

    The responsibility for his family's anguish lies squarely with the condemned man. He made a choice, and ultimately had to accept responsibility for it. You may wish to consider how many people would have been adversely affected by the drugs this man was carrying.
  4. Sympathetic as I am to the reason why Nguyen Tuong Van decided to smuggle drugs, the fact is that Singapore, along with other Asia-Pac states, imposes severe penalties on those who participate in the drugs trade. Drugs kill hundreds of thousands (both directly and indirectly) and cause enormous social and economic problems. For these reasons, I do not have a problem with Singapore's drug laws.
  5. I thought they were growing opium in Afghanistan, not cocaine.
  6. You pay your money and you take your chances, it is not as if there are not plenty of warnings of what will happen to you if you are caught smuggling drugs.

  7. Shame Paula Yates is no longer with us, she had a thing for well hung Australians
  8. I believe the penalty for trafficking in drugs being found in possession of them or under the influence of them is quite clearly displayed at each port of entry/airport etc., in Singapore. Can't blame the Singaporeans for wanting to nip the rampant crime and declining social mores illegal drugs bring to society. They also inflict corporal punishment on thugs, hooligans and sundry other low lifes found guilty of anti social behaviour. Seems to me we in the West should take a leaf from their book!
  9. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!

  10. what like the lottery
  11. We took the Queens shilling ... we knew the score .... we got sent places we didn't want to go ... if the gods (edging my bets here, got to be multicultral now) or odds were against us we didn't come back,In short we played an odds game while serving.

    He decided to make a quick buck by smuggling drugs through Singapore, He played a different odds game. He lost, he has paid the price for losing this type of game.

    As long as his trial was fair, then he received the punnishment he deserved.

  12. If, say your niece,nephew,or other relative got caught,yes ignoring the signs,warnings etc............would you still be craving the death penalty?

    As I´ve said,clemency strengthens,not weakens.They´re just taking revenge at the cost of the relatives and friends ,and as a bonus,terrorising the citizens.

    Of course, all the tourist sees,are,clean streets,nice people..................that´s all you are supposed to see!!!!!

  13. Well done Singapore ! Mr Blair please note

    and in countries such as Afghanistan burn the fields down and warn them not to grow Drug crops again , if they do use chemical so the land is no longer fertile.

    There own fault if they the go under then

    yes i know iam a bleeding heart libral !
  14. I've lived here for nearly two years, I work with 'ordinary' Singaporeans, I don't restrict my wanderings to Orchard Road - tell me, what do you know that I don't?
  15. Midnight,

    If it is my niece, nephew, brothers or son did such crimes. I will well hang him/her myself. The law over there is well known that why the big shot don't transport those stuff themselves.