Australian general blasts army of drunks

Discussion in 'Australia' started by driverRE, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. The bloke sounds like an uptight prick with a rod up his arse.
  2. "So do I like alcohol? Yes I do. How much do I have? I never have more alcohol than allows me to walk outside at a moment's notice and get into the car and drive to work.''

    Read more: Australian general blasts army of drunks

    Another workaholic who'll be in an early grave.
  3. "I never have more alcohol than allows me to walk outside at a moment's notice and get into the car and drive to work.''

    Very admirable General. As Second in Command of the Australian Army, surely you have a driver to do that for you?
    I don't want to minimise the underlying issue in the article (what an unecessary waste of lives), but he sounds a right barrel of laughs.
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  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Is he receiving treatment for his near-daily vision problems ?
  5. Why - in case New Zealand invades?

  6. With Gillespie sober I feel safer already.

  7. He obviously never paid Germany a visit in the 80s. There's dried up former alcoholics running round screaming for a medal for the amount they drank out there. The only reason they aren't getting one is that 2/3rds of them will start demanding accumulated 'service' medals and 'war pensions' on account of ending up with knackered livers.

    Army of drunks, you say General? Rank amateurs Squire, rank ******* amateurs.
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  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    A bit less of the abuse, please. No-one said anything about 'dried up' or 'former'.
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  9. It wasn't the alcohol and boredom that did for us Cold War warriors, it was Gulf War Syndrome! I had a 32" waist before that kicked off!
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  10. You probably still have. You'll have to look for it but it's in there somewhere.
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  11. Definitely. He gets to see the overall figures for casualties, medical discharges and criminal convictions and is acting accordingly.

    I did a first aid course at Keogh Barracks in the early 80s. The instructor made a memorable comment on the bit about illegal drugs, that you generally didn't encounter drug abuse in the British army; there were then only two drugs that killed squaddies and they were alcohol and tobacco.

    Times have moved on since then, but booze and fags remain the preferred poisons of the British squaddy.
  12. Unless you are a British squaddie serving in a Scottish infantry battalion where the drug of choice is heroin, then cocaine followed by pills.
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  13. Date of the article is 2010!! Must have had an effect though - Skype, racism/sexism on social media and spanking seem to have replaced alcohol - law of unintended consequences in play?