Australian Forces to Stay in Iraq

The Australian Gov tonight announced funding to allow Aust forces in Iraq and the Gulf to continue their mission at least until mid 2005.

There's not a lot of our people in Iraq but at least our gov is not running for cover like a few others.

Sadly for me .... you guys have more personel in Iraq than we have in our regular army these days.

I'm not one for `regimental reunions' and other back slapping booze ups, but this year (April 25) I attendended an ANZAC Day commemoration in a major city (I live in the bush) and was astounded to see so many twenty somethings with `active service' ribbons wandering about in neat rows and generally in step.

It seems we have quietly rotated nearly all our field force units through one trouble spot or another in the last eight years.

One WO1 medic I had a beer with sported ribbons and clasps from Vietnam (twice) through Gulf War 1, Somalia, Rwanda, Cambodia and Timor - he's awaiting discharge and looking forward to a nice lie down.

Seems we've been much busier recently than when I was in ..... but then I've got a nice view.
Good show Aussies, nice to know we can still count on the colonies :wink:

just a pity about the septics!
just a pity about the septics!
See what happens if you don't include a generous helping of pick pockets, bread stealers and other petty criminals in your colonial shipments ...

They turn out to be ... um ... er ... well criminals .... :wink:
Filbert Fox said:
just a pity about the septics!
I can't say I think of them as one of the colonies anymore, their main spoken word is Spanish.

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