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Discussion in 'RLC' started by nik_kershaw, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone in the EOD world tell me if it is the Aussie Army that does EOD down under or the police or any other govenment agency. Also do they have bleeps supporting them. The reasoning for the questions is that I am looking to do bleep work over there as I will be moving over there in 3 years or so. Cheers for any help you can give me
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

  3. Melchers he's a bleep so unable to do it himself without the direction of an operator.

    So operator tells bleep, bleep does, bleep goes back to sleep pending next task - job done.

    Your so impatient, you'll be bashing them over the head next with a manual weapon next! oops ;-)
  4. OK still dosn't help, did you actually go on the site where it said about bomb disposal or ECM? All I found was carrers about the aussie army, nothing relating them to EOD tasks or IEDD tasks. I thought maybe there might be someone in the EOD world that might know more than tapping a few words into google and clicking search.
  5. The Aussie Army does have its own integral capability for EOD, and limited ECM kit (COTS kit from US), however their focus is on EOD on deployed operations. Domestic EOD is provided by the Civil Police except if it is really complicated or involves CBRN. The Aussies created a specialist unit called the Incident Response Regiment (IRR) which combines IEDD, EOD, CBRN, search, SF (snipers, SRR equiv & hostage rescue) etc, and includes integral Science and Technology (akin to Dstl) capabilities. Doctrinally and procedurally it was based on the UK model, except without the cap badge rivalries that we have. It was initially formed as a CT contingency option in the run-up to the Sydney Olympics - however after the Games, it was decided to keep it as a permanent standing contingency organisation for domestic CT.

    In answer to the original question - they don't have bleeps per se, but they do have EOD guys trained to push the ON/OFF switches of green boxes when they feel they require ECM cover. (Kind of similar to how we should do it here - but then there'd be no-one to make the tea or fix the Sky box in the dets!)
  6. Thank you for your input, that was the answer I was wanting to see, it shows that it isn't just the military that covered domestic EOD jobs and infact that civil powers do the job down under. (this bleep has yet to make a brew or fix a sky box fot the AT's/drivers but I have shown them where the best places out drinking are)
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I realise the site doesn't spoon feed you the answer, but sending your CV or making an enquiry would have been a good start for a potential job.

    We're only pulling your leg, get the brews on please. :)
  8. Bless, Nik actually thought that the reason the ATs didn't fix the sky was that we couldn't. We send you up on the roof because it gives us 10 minutes peace and quiet and if you slip, we just say he was signals.

    Did you ever notice the sky wasn't broken in sunny weather too. Lightning strikes is all I'll say
  9. I noticed that it was the bleeps yet agin doing all the work while the AT's drink brews and play darts.

  10. This is why I went onto this site to ask people that may have been through what I am looking to do. Don't want to send my CV away, well not just yet, just wanted some information from people out there that are in the know
  11. Splitter!
  12. Can you blame him???? :)