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Australian Defense Force selects Boeing AH-64E Guardian to replace the Tiger

Bad Smell

It's a very long list. If you really want to know just google it. Airframe, engines, the sight sytem and on and on. The flight our cost is about double that promised. Eurocopter even supplied and payed for training helicopters so pilots could get flight time. They wouldn't do that if it wasn't their fault.
Lots of problems with Tiger contract obligations not being met. Consequently the government stopped payment and effectively told AA to provide two airframes for the newly trained rotary wing pilots to keep their hours up. One of the complications with introducing new platforms/airframes is that you have to train personnel in all aspects of their operation so everything "hopefully" falls in place for the planned timelines. There is quite a long lead time for all this which starts from before recruiting.

Since the transfer of rotary wing aviation to the Army from the Air Force there has been a continual bleeding of particularly maintenance personnel and a definite lack of airmanship which regularly shows it's ugly head. One of the primary reasons for this is a very small gene pool of army aviators resulting in a culture which has a habit of losing the primary focus of safety during peacetime ops. Too many examples over the years shows this. One which stands out is that when I was working as a maintainer, we received an official post Board of Inquiry briefing explaining why a helo crashed with fatal results. We understood why from an engineering perspective as it was effectively pilot error resulting from a bad culture. The pilots received the same briefing prior to us and when told they were a bunch of cowboys nearly resulted in fisticuffs. And that is the tip of the iceberg in Army Aviation.

Yes, Tiger is a POS and so is MRH. Design a northern hemisphere cold weather aircraft and use it in hot and humid conditions and sometimes things just don't work. One of the questions asked of MRH was where is the airconditioning system? The reply was along the lines of, why do you need that in Oz. FFS, they had to buy an airconditioning system for the thing. The Army pilots wanted Blackhawks replaced with Blackhawks but they ended up with MRH. Meanwhile the RAN is quietly parking theirs up and switching to the Seahawk.

On the other hand during the 60's & 70's, French aircraft sold themselves in Africa and the Middle East. Think Mirage F1 and Aloutte II & III.
The Belgians had defence facing France to show they were not partial to anybody

Over 35,000 French soldiers died in Belgium in two world wars protecting belgian neutrality.

No they didnt Particuarly in round 2 where the allied plan was to advance into Belgium and take up defensive positions - *
That had nothing to do with defending Belgian nuetrality and everything to do with stopping the German advance - prefferebly before they set foot on French soil but definetly before the threatened Industrial regions and Paris.

*Every one expected Dolfy to disregard Belgian Nuetrality - if only because the Maginot Line and Ardennes**, would be to favourable to the defender for a German attack to have a high chance of success.

**In Frances defence 1) The Maginot line was supposed to have a Belgian continuation - until they opted out of building it (in case it provoked Germany). Its also the case that the German advance through the Ardennes was unnoposed (and unobserved) until it encountered the French lines - There were suppossed to be Belgian forces in the area.

If the Dyle plan (over everyone except Gamelins objections) hadent snatched away the French armoured reserve, then its likely that even despite the crippling weakness of 2nd army Rommels swan from sedan to Calais would have been rudely interrupted long before Arras and thus halted the Panzers to bring up the supporting Infantry Divisions - potentially buying time for 1st Army and the BEF to redeploy (rather than the OTL redeployment via Dunkirk to dover ferry


Leave them to themselves ?

Why don’t you tell that to the nations below that ALL contribute to various EU or UN defense and security missions and operations in Africa ?

Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark, the UK, Armenia, Australia (yes, Australia), Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the USA.

We should have nothing to do with any of the American or French private wars. In fact, anything after WW2.
Yes they did.

No Neither the UK or France went into Belgium in WW2 to protect Belgian nuetrality

And the advance through the Ardennes was observed by French recce flights but unfortunately not believed by an out of touch HQ.
Disbelieved or disregarded

A diversionary thrust was expected through the ardennes and reports from that sector werent passed to Gamelin by his staff because he was far to busy with the real thrust to be distracted with the sideshow.

Of course the whole shit show wasnt helped by Gamelins headquarters having more in common with Napoleons** in terms of communication facilities.

It even had been wargamed some years before by the French HQ...
Even to the extent that there was a successful armoured thrust -
French High command noted that in reality there would be an armoured reserve to counter such a thrust.
Do you remember my comments about the Dyle Plan and everyone objecting to commiting the reserve.

**Or rather Napoleonic era - Boney would have been far more discerning of intelligence reports and proactive in getting staff to provide updates.
That's not what l said. I said Belgium had defence facing France, even in 1940.

I didnt dispute that - I was disputing the comment that French troops (or indeed British troops) died defending Belgian nuetrality in WW2.

That was the comment directly above my response.
France had defences facing Belgium - although no where near the level of the Maginot line as they didnt want to offend Belgium by continuing the Maginot line to the coast - when Belgium reneged on building its bit.


British: First concentration camps in the Boer war, Massacre of Amritsar, in the Mau Mau uprising and even in the Revolutionary war in the Americas the list of atrocities ist long,
Not strictly true, The Spanish beats us by 5 years establishing concentration camps in Cuba in 1895. The next in line where our American cousins with camps in both Cuba and the Philippines
Concentration Camps Existed Long Before Auschwitz
Concentration Camps Existed Long Before Auschwitz | History | Smithsonian Magazine
Concentration Camps Existed Long Before Auschwitz From Cuba to South Africa, the advent of barbed wire and automatic weapons allowed the few to imprison the many

The Germans were fairly late to the game starting in 1904 establishing Sharrk island to deal with revolting natives in Namibia.
Shark Island concentration camp - Wikipedia
I have been away for a few hours. Any update on the new Franco Prussian war? Are the German Army dining in Paris yet?

I hear Australia may have declared war on France.
Honor Cross
Sorry but if you keep on using septic spelling, the English are going to have to give you such a shoeing, the likes of that you haven't seen since Agincourt. FFS it was you lot who put the U in most of these words in the first place and we adopted them into English straight from French.

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