Australian Defence Medal

With mention on other threads of poppies in white, green, and even blue, I am pleased to note the Australian Defence Medal introduced in 2006 is the black and red of the Flanders Poppy, with two white stripes to divide the red into three segments to denote the three services of the Australian Defence Forces.

A while back I was reading on this site of Anzac Day in Australia. That brought back some memories all right. Australia and New Zealand are justly proud of their men and women of the armed services, past and present, and the ribbon of the A.D.M. is a year round reminder of 'Lest We Forget'.

The award is available to all who served in the Australian Armed Services since 1945, and completed their initial engagement, including National Servicemen, and those who for recognised reasons were prevented from fulfilling their initial engagement. Full details are on the web which can be found by typing in 'Australian Defence Medal'
Thanks for adding that Browny, I just looked at that site, and found full details by clicking the 'What's New' button.

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