Australian Defence Medal

Just watching the coverage of the reburials of WW1 casualties at Fromelles on the BBC here.

Good show from all involved.

The Diggers look much smarter in their greatcoats than our lot, and carrying SLRs!

My question is on the ADM - most of the blokes there seem to be wearing it from what I can see. However they interviewed an "old and bold" bugler who was wearing nothing on his chest - I would have assumed that he would have at least qualified for an ADM?

What are the criteria for this award? Is the wearing of it discretionary or did the old goat just forget his medals?

BTW - this isn't intended to spawn another tiresome NDM debate amongst the Brits.
Age is not a good method of judging the time someone has been in the ADF, many jobs are open to recruits over the age 40.

I doubt he forgot his medals, probably joined later in life.

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