Australian Defence Force ban on male recruits

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 184461, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. Although there are several media stories out there I've still to find the actual evidence that, for example, only 15 out of 50 Aussie Army jobs are available to men. Not saying the evidence isn't there, but I'd be interested if anyone has found it. From a quick scan of the website, there are far more females than males in the illustrations, but I haven't yet found anything in the text to support the story, and there is an explicit statement that "There are no gender restrictions in the Navy, Army or Air Force."
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  2. Just to put things in context.

    Bernard Gaynor, was booted out of the ADF, due to his very unsavoury views and thoughts. (Basically bagging the recruitment process, ya female colleagues and your bosses online in the public arena can be a kind of a career killer)

    Think a combo of Nigel Farage, That weird customs bloke on Come fly with me and Donald Trump and you're somewhat close to the mindset of this bloke.

    I really can't see the ADF closing the door on males entering the service, as mentioned before it's basically destroying any chance of meeting recruitment targets.
  3. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Waiting for SBS news this evening to see if they cover it..
    What with all the SSM shite going on here I doubt it will even be covered as it "might cause emotional distress" to many of the snowflakes in this country.
    You noticed that all the interviews from today from Sunrise/Today ref discrimination in the Au Forces aren't available on YT?
    Job done and nobody on MSM have said one word about the Commonwealth Bank shenanigans or extortionate power prices or anything else of any actual note.
  4. Jenny Agutter Walt.
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