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Discussion in 'Australia' started by The_IRON, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. So with the demise of Aussie cricket and the Australian selectors scratching their heads and wondering what to do with thier team selection once more I just wondered what the feedback is like from anyone of in Australia and what reactions your getting in your own media. Not a slating from myself Ill leave that to the players to do just interested on a few points.

    1) Are the press ripping into an injured/down hearted team and trying to humiliate individuals like the British press does?? (obviously counter productive as it makes players play worst)

    2) Wondered why the grounds have been taken over by the Barmy Army, have the Aussie supporters lost hope, surely you support your team through the bad times aswell as the glory years they have had??

    3) Will Ricky ponting walk or get booted??

    4) After predictions by Merv Hughes and Co that it was going to be another 5-0 drubbing have they changed there views and still think they will get the urn back??

    5) Will Shane Warne be recalled as Im sure he can do far better still as a spinner than what has been seen so far.

    It was great watching Ian Botham being interviewed the other day, the reporter asked Beefy what he thinks that Australia needs to do over the next week and what changes they need to compete with England....Beefy replied I DONT CARE.........I REALLY DONT CARE.

    As said lads and lasses just trying to see what reaction the press and yourselves have over the last two tests, have the FIGHT gone out the Aussies over the last year. It would also be good to hear from Nige and a few more Poms who live over there what the banter as been like.
  2. Ha, I got the knife in first!
  3. It's a game,just a game,FFS.

    Life doesn't depend on Cricket,thank ****,now let me go back to sleep. :)
  4. Australian Cricket - Shouldn't this be in the Jokes section? :)
  5. Any predictions for the last test, I reckon an innings & 100+ runs defeat for the colonials, anyone else care to hazard a guess?
  6. Stumps day 1.

    Honours slightly towards England, but not as much of a kicking as at Melbourne.
  7. I think australian cricket and most other major sports here have made a rod for their own backs, over the years of their sporting successes they have always ridiculed and humiliated visiting teams that they beat, always the first to crucify overseas players caught taking drugs or bribes, but quietly keeping their own players drug habits or match fixing scandals secret, Mr Johns for example captain of the national rugby league team ,with a proven history of drug abuse was still allowed to play for his country and now he is a national youth trainer, where other not so influential players 1 sniff of happy dust and they are banned, australians cannot take responsibility for losing, they always look for a scapegoat, we see it at under 12,s cricket or soccer fests aussie parents abusing and attacking officials, bringing their children up to believe that winning by any means fair or foul and that sledging and abuse is the way to go!!maybe they will learn a few lessons over the next 100 years or so that the whole point is playing the game
  8. Well Pietersen threw his wicket away again but Id still rather be in Englands position at the moment, hopefully Cook gets his 100 and contributions from Bell and Prior once we see Anderson and Collingwood go cheaply. Then lets hope Bresnan and Swann can get into the 20's or 30's.............think we need a good 100 lead with us batting last.
  9. Well in a last desperate effort to save the 5th test australian team accuse cook of deliberately cheating to get an umpires decision overturned,ponting is out of the way, so australian national cricket team has had to find another excuse for being beaten so convincingly, as usual they have not got the dignity or character to accept defeat or critism gracefully,
  10. That's just typical of the Australians, jacking up a bit of a flood just to distract media attention away from the real disaster.

    Well I'm not buying it.....
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Perhaps it is about time for Australia to take a bit of history and adopt it.

    from Wikipedia
    Maybe a small terracotta urn containing ashes should be obtained and presented to the Australian Cricket Captain and future competitions be aimed at regaining said ashes :)
  12. How did he cheat, the replays clearly showed that the catch early in his innings was a no-ball & the one on 99 did not carry & therefore was not a catch. The cheating was that some Australian players including the purported catcher & the keeper, knew that it had not been caught & went along with the appeal anyway. Either way, in neither instances was he out.
  13. they were still discussing some of the decisions on our local aussie tv show last night , in the end the aussie captain told a coupleof the whingers on his team to shut the fxxx up ,the interview was also repeated on the news here in qld this morning, please dont joke bout the floods we are stuck in the middle of the wet stuff and it sure aint funny, just wait till you are over 65 and have to go back to filling fxxxing sandbags!!