Australian Citizenship - change of Law

Discussion in 'Australia' started by ORFIS, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Ok sorry if I get it bit emotional on this, but just to say after raising the problem of spouses and children who are 16yrs and over not getting citizenship when the lateral recruit does and all the problems it raises three years ago........
    TODAY at 1309 hrs the Australian Senate passed the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Defence Families) Bill 2012 to allow any family member who immigrates with a 'lateral' to obtain citizenship with that lateral after 90 days service.....
    Ok I am going to have a big blub now but thank you to all of you who allowed me to tell your stories, without you this would not have happened.

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  2. Sounds like an unusual victory for common sense - is the Oz PM on holiday at the moment?
  3. Australian citizenship!!!! Doesn't that involve being issued with: a number, some fetters, a screw rummaging up your arse with a dirty rubber glove and having to wear a natty crowsfoot suit?
  4. ^. Not since the early '90s.
  5. She's trying not to get dragged into a corruption investigation, despite being a lawyer by training, and thus morally bereft.

    And Welsh.
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  6. We've had your new family portrait done.
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  7. looks like you have passed through brisbane immigration too
  8. You and 20,000 others? I certainly hope they fill the quota based on most productive first (such as yourselves) and the fuckin Somalis last.
  9. Where's the beers?
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  10. .....and any more Lebbo' enough of them
  11. Reminds me of when I flew to Canada and was interviewed at immigration by a woman of Jamaican extraction. She asked me how long I intended to stay and was taken aback when I told her 'As long as I want to'. Silly cow was sat on her lard arse holding my CANADIAN passport.
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  12. Great stuff! One less thing to worry about. Now if you could convince them to pay for the import of my car, I'll be all set. No? I'll get me coat
  13. Hi all,
    I was hoping someone here could help me with a visa query. I was accepted yesterday intob the ADF so was looking into the visa process. I understand that when i apply for the 186 visa i can name my dependants under the same visa. However, if my wife intends to work and obtain citizenship, does she need to apply and pay for her own residency visa? I have emailed the Australian visa office but as of yet, have not had a reply. Thanks for any help.

  14. When you arrive in NZ with a Kiwi passport the Immigration or Customs officer manning the desk gives you your passport back and says, "Welcome home". A nice touch I think. Can you imagine a UK Border force person even looking up?