Australian Censorship... Ye fricking gods.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Squiggers, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. A while back, I mentioned in another thread about the Aussies having internet censorship.

    Well, it appears that my mate, is having more diffiulty now, than he was before.


    Not a wind up, really, it ain't.

    Plus, these are the illegal activities that he's partaken in:

    Now, in fact, let me explain what each of these instances actually ARE.

    DEVIANTART (2:48 AM 7/03/2009)
    DEVIANTART (4:50AM 7/03/2009)
    DEVIANTART (4:68 AM 7/03/2009)
    DEVIANTART (7:55 AM 7/03/2009)
    SKYPE.COM (8:48 AM 7/03/2009)

    That's right. Skype is illegal software.

    Now, the way that it works over there, is like thus:

    The first warning, you get monitored for 10 minutes.
    2nd, 20 minutes
    3rd, 30 minutes
    4th, 40 minutes,
    5th, 50 minutes
    6th, the coppers are paying you a visit.

    The poor sods is only on the 3rd warning.

    This is the one time I'm feeling sorry for the Aussies, I really am. I wouldn't doubt for a moment that ARRSE would probably get the police paying you a visit straight away... :roll:

    People's thoughts on this utter, utter bollocks? Can you imagine that, if it happened in the UK, or US? You'd have blood pouring in the streets, MDN not being allowed to get his daily goatporn fix.... Not a pretty image, right?
  2. Indeed it is hosted there - one of the easiest ways to host it, and it allows mongs from the world over to point and gurn at the idiocy of it.

    Pretty sure it's my mate, as I lack the time, intelligence, or the inventory of black nasty, to copy an email from the Australian government wanting my ballbag, for being a naughty boy.


    I was half attempting at constructing a threadnaught or an outrage generator, yes, but if it caused a giggle for a few instead, than that was just as good. By all means, I think the 'mobile do with an outing. It hasn't been out for some time, according to my knowledge. What we taking? The landie, or the all-terrain bus?
  3. Sounds like balls to me.

    A quick Google chucks up the Aussie Govs attempts at doing this since 1998, but it is widely reported as being unworkable and useless. The ISP's are not forced into using any type of filtering software and there have been a plethora of challenges over it. Google also shows 0 results for "NSW Government Monitoring and Filtering"

    Seen as one of the wordings was that all content "unsuitable for minors" was to be banned, I reckon that a simple check by one of our Aussie bretheren to see if they can download the internets finest p0rn would put this to bed.

    I would envisage civil war if the Aussies were deprived of their Koala p0rn :)
  4. Heh, indeed. From the sounds of it, it doesn't work properly at all - a lot of stuff that should be blocked, isn't, and the stuff that shouldn't be blocked, is - if that makes sense...

    Well, from further talking to the chap in question, it appears that it's one or two ISP's that's doing it, rather than everyone.

    Mind you, he did in fact state to me that:

    Well, looks like MDN would probably get his goatporn after all.

    Hmm, if this is a wind up, I'll not be impressed, and I'll have to find the mess Webley, to finish it all, in shame.... :roll:
  5. Initial thought - windup.
    A quick gander at a few Aussie geek websites and the Reg shows nothing out of the ordinary.

    Your mate probably needs a slap :)
  6. ...

    Bugger. Seen a few sites when I've searched that say stuff about it, but without a half decent source..., but nowt on their governmental sites to boot, so, I is dubious. It might be true, however, just not that well publicised.

    Pretty much, I've a feeling he's going to get bumraped for this, if it be a lie.... I'll need to find Jarrod, if so, methinks. He'd probably enjoy it.
  7. load of bo11ocks.

    I use skype, I get my daily goat porn fix no noproblem and there is a slight flaw in the text!!!

    it states 9:41 Aus Standard Time!! there are 3 different times zones here mate and they are suffixed as

    EST Eastern Standard Time AEST UTC + 10 hours
    EDT Eastern Daylight Time AEDT, EST UTC + 11 hours
    CST Central Standard Time ACST UTC + 9:30 hours
    CDT Central Daylight Time ACDT, CST UTC + 10:30 hours
    WST Western Standard Time AWST UTC + 8 hours
    WDT Western Daylight Time AWDT, WST UTC + 9 hours

    NSW falls under EDT at the moment (like your BST)and this is what would have been suffixed, especially from a gov dept.

    And.... it refers to NSW Federal police....the Feds are Australia wide, NSW bizzies are refered to as State Police. The feds normally run ACT and NT as these are territories and not states.

    the only websites that get blocked are the ITV and BBC (for tele) ones as a result I cannot get my Corrie fix. I have to watch it on Foxtel (aus equiv of Sky) but its a year behind!! ITV cnuts


    Sqiggers, get back to the playground you nonce