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No but a few round here are going that way, apparently the Aussie military are gagging at the moment. Don't tell me you're thinking of moving away for a better life? What's wrong with this beautiful country?
Its all pretty simple but can be a protracted process (like getting a claim paid).

First of all you don't transfer to the Australian Army as such you leave the British Army and enlist in the Aussie Army.

I would suggest you find try and hunt down either blokes on Long Look or Aussie Army Exchange Officers - they will be able to give you steers and more importantly you can ask them what its like down there.

However in the absence of that here is the link for overseas recruiting:

Bear in mind that it will take a while - I am in the process of applying now - I first approached my Australian Cap-Badged equivalent in December last year and my application is still being processed - in essence I had an interview and sent a CV to the Assistant Defence Attache at the High Commission, I then filled out the lateral transfer form and sent what documentation I could off. The form filling started in Feb this year and hit their equivalent of MCM Div in Mar - I then heard nothing until about mid June when they requested more details.

If you are serious about this I suggest you root around for all of your course reports and your last 3 CRs.

The latest buzz with me is that my paperwork is with the Corps Trade Standards Officer at their Depot and this is the reason that they've asked for more details on my courses - I have passed most of the hurdles but not all of them.

Also be prepared to take a drop in rank - rumour has it they'll offer me a place as a Sgt (I am currently a WO1).

That is the easy bit - there is then the immigration process to go through - not worth starting until the ADF give you the offer because that puts you closer to the top of the queue. That I'm told can take between 10 and 12 months and involves medicals, more form filling, getting your civvy quals converted to Aussie ones and a criminal record/vetting check.

So - if you're thinking of going don't sign off now - based on my experience it will take at least a year and realistically longer than that.

Good luck with it all.
I've a mate who's just done it. You have to be a Sgt/ Capt, fill in the forms and pass an interview (4 Lt Cols taking his ISTR). You generally have to accept a drop in rank (my mate dropped from Capt to Lt).

However, he reckons it the dogs b*****ks out there.

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