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Australian army

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kay44, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. My cousin sereena in auzzie is strangley is joining the army at the same time has me and we diddent know each other were!
    It seems well easier to join their army! at selection you only do the shuffle run (beep test) and some sit ups and press ups, then phase 1 is 80days
  2. guessing because they dont see action as much etc etc :s
  3. bleep test is hard
    i did it at school, got to 11 and there was only 3 of us left. then the firebell rang and i was soooooo releaved, i was breathin like an 80 year old asmatic smoker. proper saved by the bell that time
  4. oh and US army basic lasts roughly 8 weeks so its pretty much similar
  5. aussie army requirements.

    Push Ups






    Shuttle Run

    Level 7.5

    Level 7.5
  6. u.s army you have to run a mile in 8 mins. know this as i have a cousin who joined .
  7. i enjoyed bleep test at school! me and maria were fastest in the class and we always held everyone up over dinner cause we wouldent give up trying to beat each other but we couldent. wish i was still has fit has that!
    I know, auzzie requirements are so easy! 8 press ups!
  8. The requirements you are reffering to are the entry level. Once you complete basic training and are posted to a Land Command unit the standards are almost the same as UK.

    Asherz may want to do some research on Australian Army deployments, and maybe some 'googling' on awards for gallantry in recent months....

    There is a fair bit of information in the 'Australia' forum.
  9. Which equates to 1.5 miles in 12 minutes - so not disimilar to ours
  10. all i said was that they dont see much action lol...all i`ve heard within recent years is around 150-200 australian troops being posted to middle east.

    and yeh mozza i realised that last night. strange as to why they only run 1 mile :S
  11. Why the fukc would you wanna join the army if you lived in Australia!!
  12. I think its a 2miler in 15.54 for the U.S army. Not 100% sure though, they have some grading system or something.
  13. just had a gander and the u.s army is based on a 300 point system. you have a 2 mile run , sit ups, press ups

    and you have to get at least 150 points to pass out phase one. then 160 to pass out phase 2 seems pretty low standard IMO
  14. Is she called Sereena?
  15. yes he is ...bit of a cross dresser you see
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