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Some of you have added significant value to any number of threads discussing the Australian Army and transfer (in both directions, Spanish!) into it.

I have now put together a rudimentary article in the Wiki about The Australian Army and would like anyone who feels they can to add any extra pertinent info regarding the transfer process to it; thoughts, impressions, poo traps, handy hints and tips, 'where are you now' type posts, and useful contact info.

There are a good many nuggets of info regarding this across ARRSE - I would now like to produce a 'one stop resource' for anyone else contemplating this.

I know the Wiki is deeply unfashionable, but bear with me, and help if you can, please! Don't worry about how your posting looks as we will 'tidy up' after you - the important thing is the content.

Thanks very much.
Whew, I'm glad to hear about the tidying up. My posts look like a bomb's hit 'em.
and for all those who are still having problems, why not go to the site and select Army, you can see all the details there about pay and conditions, and everything else you wanted to know, all in one place, and probably send them an email with the questions that are not answered for you at that site. Failing all else, I believe there is still an Australian military presence at Australia House in London (I was close to getting a job there back in the late 60s but was beaten to it, but an obviously better candidate serving in the Army with me at the time).

I met many blokes in the aust army who had enlisted in the UK after finishing their service there, and Im sure it still happens, so give them a call at Australia House. :D :D :D :D :D

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