Australian Army want Aviation Techs

Discussion in 'REME' started by Gary_K, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Aircraft and Avionic Techs are required to work on the new equipments - ARH Tiger and MRH 90 - over here, as well as the extant aircraft - Black Hawk, Chinook, Kiowa and King Air 350 (LAME).

    Presently, you have to be a senior rank to be considered under a Labour agreement. There are no upper age limits, so long as you can satisfy the fitness and other criteria (medical, security, psyche, trade assessment, etc).

    Good packages for movements and all costs reimbursed.

    Great lifestyle and very good onward employment potential working for Defence contractors.

    Definitely suits those leaving with a full UK military pension who don't want to leave aviation maintenance environments.

    If anyone wants more info or a direction, please send me an email on:


    Commissions as Engineering Officers available to the right Sgt, WO2, WO1 candidates with the right backgrounds and the right degrees. Kingston 2 year top ups are recognised by Engineers Australia (the assessing body for the Aussie Government Immigration Department (DIAC)) as a full Batchelors degree by the way. I know, as mine was one of them!
  2. I have heard they want all things Aviation for there new SF Aviation Sqn/Regt/unit (similar to 657 but bigger)?
  3. They want all things aviation across the board, at all units to be honest, not just the 657 equivalent (171 Sqn based near Sydney by the way, and anyone who knows/knew Woz S****s, he's there presently!).

    Aus have an expanding aviation environment and the recruiting and training sides are struggling to maintain a pace with the targets set for their "capability readiness" date of 2016.

    BIG retention payments for Cpls and Sgts equalling A$40k for 4 years return of service obligation (taxable income by the way, so you'd end up with about A$30k). Easy money! Same goes for Capts and Majors after you've been in the rank for 3 years. Avionic techs possibly looking like they are getting additional retention bonuses soon too as their trade is critical.
  4. They can obviously afford to pay good salaries and all the extras, Why? Because they're more than happy to let the British taxpayer train their technicians . It'a a shame they don't keep their paedophiles over there.
  5. Maybe they are getting their own back on us Brits for sending over several thousand convicts a few years ago!!! :D :D

    They do train their own techs (not paedo's!!!) and from what I've seen, it is a better set of facilities to do so in.

    It's just that they are expanding too rapidly to cope.

    Their techs also get automatic LAME licences issued by CASA upon reaching Cpl with 4 years experience in trade under their belts. It is a lot easier for a Brit - Aussie Techs to gain recognition of prior competencies and experience towards the same licence.

    None of this lack of recognition of skills which EASA currently pervade!

    The grass isn't greener though, so don't be fooled into thinking Oz is some kind of nirvana. You'll work hard and train hard and deploy to various places too. Bills still have to be paid and life will still be what you make of it.
  6. Gary K , do you have to do BFTs up the hill on the Toowoomba - Brisbane Highway. I've driven up it and anything less than a 4 litre engine is struggling. I have several ex REME mates living there.
  7. "Australian Army want Aviation Techs" - At least someone does :D
  8. I can ask, if you think you'll have a problem passing it again :D :D
  9. F*ckin good riddance to the lot of ya !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Another bitter and twisted non tech :D :D :D

    They also want non tech personnel, but not arsseholes :D :D :D , so don't even think about applying :twisted: :wink: :wink:
  11. Just had word that the Aviation Techs are getting upgraded on the pay scale via an Other Ranks pay review. This on top of your standard 2.8% in May!

    Avionic techs have just been granted a retention bonus which will amount to around A$25k I reckon, same as the trade tansfer bonuses for people switching trades over here to Av Tech and a couple of others.

    Great housing, as well. You won't need to walk half a mile to get to your garage, as I did in my final UK posting, after 23 years of service! Respect! Mainly detached, 4 bedrooms wih double garages attached. Nice gardens, fully fenced off and sheds out the back for garden stuff.
  12. The latest pay case has just moved technicians up a pay grade too!
  13. Any real Technicians - Eces - required?

    Be a doddle, them Leopards never go wrong...Fourspring Duck Technik.
  14. I thought the Leopards had been replaced by Abrams, or are they using both?
  15. Oh Gawd Mr Hat, you're right. 60 Abrams M1A1.

    I understand they're BLR when the Coke machine goes down...

    Ref my last cancel out.