Australian Army understaffed or is somebody fibbing.

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Didosdadsdogsdead, Oct 3, 2005.

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  1. A friend of Mrs DDDD said last night that her 45 year old son was currently down at Puckapunyal (sp) training as a driver for the ADF. This raised a couple of questions as the guy has had zero experience in green. He normally lives with his missus on the Gold Coast, so wouldn't it be possible to do his driver training at Enogerra?, what is the upper age limit for the ADF?? Is this guy having a mid-life walt crisis??? Am I right in thinking I smell a wallaby sized rat here????
  2. It depends what type of vehicle he is learning to drive. If it is a heavy or light armoured vehicle he is in the right place. If it is a HGV equivalent he might also be in the right place. When you only have a relatively small Army centralised training saves extensively on equipment, labour and running cost even taking into account the transport cost of getting troops to and from that training.
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that upper age limit for Aussie Army is 46. Having said that if you have prior experience in a Commonwealth Army and you have a skill they are short of your age may not be a big issue.
  4. Thanks Birdy, so age may not be a problem but this guy is MPGS material at best, ex armourguard office admin, failed prison guard etc, however if the ADF are setting up a (deep cover) furniture retailing operation he may be well in. :lol:
  5. Someone has to drive the APC Ambulance and it is not likely to be the thrusting youngster going places.

    You'll find with many jobs they've bumped the maximum age up to 56. If they hadn't bumped up the minimum age for pilot I wouldn't be posting here.

    Edited as I just re-read that and realised it might sound like I'm already in. I'm not quite there - almost, but not quite.
  7. Hmmm, just checking through more of the jobs - the technical trades are mostly 48, the desk jobs 50-56. Seems like the higher qualified professional positions (SSO entry especially) are up at 56.
  8. Thanks for the link, can't accuse the ADF of being ageist can you?.
  9. Actually when you think about it, it can make a great deal of sense. One of the main reasons for leaving the service is because of the amount of separation from your kids when they are youngsters. A high age limit is an opportunity for re-entry as lifestyles have changed again. In a couple of years once we've off loaded the aliens Mrs Numnums and myself might be up for 2 year relocations.
  10. That's something I'm not looking forward to (separation from family), but I've been bloody miserable for the last 8 jobs I've had and my wife and I agree that overall I'll be a happier person, so we're going ahead with it.

    One of the young guys down at flight screening made a crack about more and more old farts being let in - he said he looked out the window of the cadet common room when the last course turned up and said loudly, "Look everyone, the RSL's organised a day visit - and they're even wearing uniforms!"
  11. Just for interests sake, here is some info on Pucka. Note the role of the Army Logistics Training Centre.
  12. I always found that 'retreads' (re-enlisting) soldiers were excellent and were totally focused as they were no longer distracted by the grass being greener elsewhere.
  13. Spoke to Ozzy Army 2 weeks ago there is no change to recruiting policy despite all the hype. 70 visas a year 35 Offr's 35 OR's.
  14. Well I'll give him his due, he lasted 2 weeks which is about 13 days longer than I thought he would. He reckons he failed the medical which is probably correct if you get a medical after selection. Never mind son, your old job stagging on outside Westpac in 30+ degree heat and 90% humidity is still open. :lol:
  15. Wouldnt he have had to go through Kapooka first, rather than straight to his trade training?