Australian Army Transfer Window Now Open

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by parablade, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. With immediate effect for a STRICTLY LIMITED PERIOD: the Australian Army's Overseas Lateral Transfer Scheme is open for the employment of officers and soldiers from Oct 12.

    Attached is a pdf guide for corps and employment categories being sought (noting that the Australian Defence Force Recruiting Website WILL NOT BE UPDATED until 21 Oct 11).

    DEADLINE for the receipt of expressions of interest is 11 Nov 11 with interviews for suitable candidates planned to be conducted in London from 28 Nov to 02 Dec 11.

    Applicants unable to meet the deadline or interviews will be considered at a future, as yet undetermined, time.

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  2. " Experience in amphibious operations is highly desirable"

    Who has Oz got in the sights then ? - 9 letter word beginning with I.
  3. Wow! I'd take their fecking hands off!
    If only they were desperate for an ex-TA infanteer, looking to rejoin rhe RLC(v) this year, bringing a wife and 4 kids with him!
    hmmm. not great chances of that, I'd say.
    You young 'uns should jump in with both feet!
  4. Can you repost as file is damaged and will not open
  5. Allow me to all you guys & gals coming on over be the first to say in The Mess "Your shout mate". So you better come with wallets bulging with your cashed up exchange rate.
  6. Ack, WILCO.
  7. ok, pdf re-posted. if it still fails then it maybe a version problem with your pdf reader.