Australian Army to extend Op tours to 8 months.

For everyone's edumacation - hot off the press, Aust Army is now to deploy for 8 month tours. Rather screws with my master plan...


The duration of some Army operational deployments will be increased from six months to eight months. These deployments will commence from October this year, with the deployment of the first Mentoring Reconstruction Task Force to Afghanistan.

This increase in deployment length will provide a corresponding increase in time between deployments. This will provide our Army the time to train in the broad range of capabilities that a modern Army requires to be successful in the contemporary security environment.

As the Army grows under the Enhanced Land Force initiative, this decision will better balance operational commitments with the generation of current and future capability.

The initiative will also increase the length of individual respite between operations, and reduce the potential number of rotations an individual could be deployed on in a two-year period. This is likely to contribute to better retention of Army personnel.

Eight-month deployments will allow Australian soldiers more time to develop and maintain cohesive relationships with both the local population, and our coalition partners, and to better understand the environment they are operating in. This is designed to ensure they achieve more during their deployments, enhancing the reputation of the Army and the nation, while at the same time enhancing the force protection of our deployed soldiers.

No ADF member will deploy on an operation without knowing the intended duration of their deployment. Consequently, eight-month operational deployments will not apply to any individuals or force elements currently deployed.

“Army is committed to ensuring the continued welfare of its personnel while at the same time assuring the long-term health of an organisation that is highly effective in preparing for operations,” said Chief of Army Lieutenant General Peter Leahy.

“This initiative aims to balance those imperatives. Eight-month tours provide a better outcome for Army and our people”.
I understand te 8 month tour is being selectively employed at present.
It isn't a 'K-Rudd' thing either. Chief of Army wants it as 6 month tours mean you get less time on task for your training, and less time between tours.
Apparently 8 month tours will mean more time betwen deployments. Some parts of the army need more time between tours - Cav mainly.

I wait to be convinced of the logic personally....
static-line-pimp said:
I see the only reference to this case is Afghanistan will this also apply to closer Op postings such as east timor ?
From early/mid 09 all tours will be 8 months. I've just read the CA's Directive.
Interestingly, a similar thread on E-Goat regarding the possibility of the Crabs doing six-months instead of four has met with all sorts of crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth, moans that the Army has loads of people, so six months is no biggie 'cos of all the R&R after, and the Navy, well they only go to sea for a few days, then tie up and sit at home doing bugger-all for the rest of the year. Bunch of queens.
I like the phrase in the original article which says "as the army grows,". I THINK I know what it means, but to a humble Brit it all sounds a bit surreal... 8O

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