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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Jimmybell47, Nov 13, 2006.

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  2. Didn't you ask this in another forum already? perhaps?
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  4. I'm in Palmo at the moment, I have heard Norforce are pretty good operators.

    Why not give them a bell and visit them.

    Australian Army reserve appear a lot more professional than the Brit TA. Much less of a drinking club atmosphere and their reputation with the Australian Regular Army seems to be quite high.

    I have only been here 3 months though....
  5. If this keeps up there will be enough people to justify an ARRSE Darwin crawl.
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  7. An excellent post Warm , I have dealt with and carried NORFORCE and other reservists on many occasions and have found them to be professional soldiers of the highest order.
  8. Thanks for the replies, Got the ball rolling today. Let's see if they give me a job!.
    Best I go running for the next three or so months 8O

  9. Warm.

    Whilst your enthusiasm for the reserves is admirable, let us clarify a few points lest your post be moved across to another thread related to Walts.

    Firstly, I note you are at SUR. I can only assume that your knowledge comes from prior service with NORFORCE as an OR or from unit recruiting brochures.

    Secondly; with regards to training....yes. reserve courses ARE watered down. I am fully aware that the TMPs of the prescribed courses reflect the same training outcomes, however ARA personnel enjoy the benefits of revision, practice and unbroken service. Notwithstanding WHAT the TDOs say, modularised courses by their nature provide a less robust end product. And I'd check your facts....FAC does not achieve what the GSO course does; and nor do the patrolman courses equate to the thirteen week rifleman courses at School of Infantry. Training is NOT identical, otherwise our reservists would find themselves in the regular army battalions.

    Thirdly. Yes there may be reservists in Iraq and Afghanistan. I put to you that they are the exception rather than the norm and are there simply due to skill set - doctors, air traffic controllers, movers, clerks and the like. Timor and the Solomons? Same comment.
    With regard to your statement regarding BATTALIONS being raised in 1999 to deploy to Timor, you are, to be honest, wrong. 1999 was INTERFET and comprised of 2 RAR, 3 RAR and 5/7 RAR before handing over to UNTAET and blue hats in 2000. One company of reservists was embedded to 5/7 RAR for a tour late in UNTAET's history....2002, I think.

    Fourthly. I have never seen a reserve officer in command of regular troops. Yes, there are crossovers, however they are generally required to do several 'training wheels' postings to learn the ropes before being unleashed on regular troops.

    Fifth. I would be careful about claiming to do anything better than others; particularly the SASR. Yes; the RFSUs are good at surveillance - so too however, are our friends in Perth.

    Sixth. 'Dating' the first CO's daughter. Whilst highly irelevant, I assume you refer to GEORGE OBE (1981-83), and not STANNER (42-45). If the latter, I admire his virility.

    Penultimately. Yes, there are plenty of other units 'up there'. They are within a thing called 1 Brigade.

    Finally. 'You can quit with 30 days'. I rest my argument.

    To conclude: Yes our reserves are good. Yes, they are arguably more capable than foriegn equivalents. But they are not the elite fighting force as implied by your post. Such claims exacerbate animosity and degrade interoperability between regs and reserves. Best of luck with your training; maintain the pride. And if you ever decide to quit within 30 days, try one of the battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment. After all, haven't we had IDENTICAL training?

    Duty First.
  10. Warm, I've recently started the PT FAC after many years out of the army ... I joined UNSWR at the same time you joined SUR. You & I might even know each other. Did you go to the combined Regt Ball a few months ago?

    Blue_Red_Blue ... my younger brother was at 6 RAR during the time it was reformed prior to its first UNTAET deployment in mid 2000. Many of the blokes were direct crossovers from GRes Bns ... RNSWR, RVR, RQR, etc. You're also on the money re 5/7 RAR, might have been 2002, quite a lot of choco ORs; don't think many subbies were involved.

    Aaaghh ... 'Duty First' ... the RAR Mafia !! JimmyBell47 the Royal Australian Regiment considers itself the centre of the universe! And the Army indulges it in that belief - no other Regiment may encroach upon its exalted position! [It's a dig, b_r_b! You blokes are OK in my book!]

    As to your 'drinking club' query JimmyBell7, whilst the beer IS very cheap in the mess the ARes is not a drinking club. As I alluded to earlier in my post I have recently rejoined; I first joined the ARes in the mid-1980s. It was taken seriously then but much moreso now. A lot more resources being directed at the training of both ORs and Officers.

    However 'blue_red_blue' is right. No matter how much training is made available for reservists we have to face reality; the ARA does this full time. The Army can dedicate all the time they have to ensuring that all the soldiers in a Bn of the RAR (for example) are fit, trained, equipped, ready to deploy, etc, etc. A soldier in an ARes Bn, on the other hand, has had less training, has to organise all his own fitness, only really gets a chance to get his personal admin and equipment attended to if he can get to the Orderly Room or Q Store during the week, etc, etc.

    In my case I am throwing all my annual leave and long service leave at the FAC and hope to knock it over ASAP. I attend all the week night parades and try not to miss any weekend training. However I'm under no illusions about my usefulness to the Army after I have been commissioned.

    OK so there's the boilerplate. On the other hand I'm sure blue_red_blue_colonial and Warm would agree that the ARes is very very very worth joining. I was overjoyed to discover that my age was no longer a barrier to rejoining - I had missed the Army so much.

    WRT Norforce; I have no direct experience but several mates have been either ORs or Officers there. It's taken very very seriously and does real work. Many, probably most, of the blokes there are doing 100 days a year.

    Good luck whichever way you decide.

    BTW Warm please feel free to PM me, cheers.
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  12. blue_red_blue..., hear hear! Sorry warm, but that original post was most definitely of the walt variety. I admire your enthusiasm, but be careful lest you get laughed down/ignored by any regular soldiers!

    I spent 3 years in the chocos (WAUR, RWAR, Op GOLD and ADFRU-S) whilst at uni before joining the regular British Army. A really beneficial experience and some cash to boot! Whether you join a University Regt or the ranks you will get some very good experience that will show and make a difference if you decide to come across to the British Army.

    One word of advice though, when you have made the decision to jump ship, get in touch with your preferred Regt direct and state your intentions. I tried going through the online recruitment people and was fcuked about massively. Writing to my Bn's sister Regiment in the UK was far more effective. Even if they sponsor you through Sandhurst, you're not obliged to join them.

    Best of luck.