Australian Army Reserve age

Isn't the maximum age for new recruits 55 in Australia?

I think it's the same in the RAuxAF, and in the Danish Hjemmeværn there is no age restriction.

Even the US Army is recruiting up to 42 year olds now.

As long as you can pass the tests and do the job, why not?
I'd been thinking about this. At 37 I'm not as fit as I was at 17 but I'm a damned sight more useful and I've certainly got more stamina.

Too old for UK though.




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BashaBasher said:
Im sort of thinking about it becouse im thinking of moving over there/NZ.

Won't you have to ask your mummy if you can leave home first BashaBasher/Canashea/Browno ?


I'm 40 and just enlisted into Inf Aussie reserves, 25 press ups,55 sit ups and 2.4km in 12:41 are whats required if you come in as a renlist. Otherwise its 7.6 on multi stage fittnes, 15 press ups and 45 sit ups. Yes there were 19 year olds who failed.
An ex copper sat next to me was 55 and wanted to enlist and do basic training, provided you are are fit and capable you are given the chance.

Bewarned it takes about 8 months.



I've just turned 40 and I'm in the midst of the Part Time First Appointment Course (ie GRes GSO training). The course uses infantry minor tactics partly as a tool of instruction. It's physically demanding but not impossible. I was outlasting blokes half my age, but I'm no superman.

BTW Red_Dragon who did you end up joining? Feel free to PM me .... weren't you looking at 2/17 RNSWR?

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