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Hi all, I have been through the various forums on the subject of lateral transfers but couldn't find the answer to my query. If I were offered a posting to darwin I would look forward to the opportunity but I'm not sure it would appeal massively to the rest of the family. I understand you post every 3 years but I wondered if it was common to post long distances. Eg Brisbane or Townsville?

it would be good to hear from others of their experiences. I should point out that I'm looking to join the Transport corp.


That makes more sense then thanks..... Good luck with it ~ sounds fascinating, I don't think they had anything like this when I was in. If they did they kept it pretty quiet or we'd have all wanted to go! The 70's was a pretty 'brown' decade. Oz would have been very tempting!!!
Traditional posting cycles are at the end of the year, normally to coincide with educational school year, thereby, not too much of an upheaval for families with school age children. Normal career stuff - promotions, personal (read that as career suicide), Unit/Corps demands.

Once posted to a unit, or in location ie Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, you will probably spend at least 5 years in that location doing 'internal' postings if appropriate for Corps/trade etc. Postings over to WA will normally be of a minimum of 4 years due to the cost of removals, especially if posted up to The Pilbara Regiment.

WA postings (non SF) were seen as a graveyard posting as your out of the 'loop' during all the sandpit 'stuff' and everyone was trying to be 'front & centre' for what units where being rotated (Darwin, Townsville). Now with the great peace hiatus almost upon us it maybe different (I doubt it).

As with all things army, the needs of the service come first and postings can be pretty 'fluid'.

Don't know if I've answered your question.

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