Well ugs has been offered a chance down under and I am looking at New South wales. Just wondering despite the seasons being arrse about face what the opportunities for shooting are down there. I stalk and do game birds but how daft are the laws or do I grin and bear it for a few years then go to NZ?
I don't know about NSW, but in South Australia shooting (foxes, rabbits etc.) is common. My father in law does it often on his hobby farm.


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FFS Ugly, what lengths you'll go to to avoid buying a round!

Can you shoot kangaroos. Target to your front moving left to right....and up and down.

Try these guys mate.
I'm sure they'll be happy to welcome you if you make the move.
I think NZ is less politically correct. The Barry Humphries type of Australian must outnumber the Les Hiddins type by a big margin.



I always thought that Bush Tucker man was an aussie porn star!
Dont worry about a drink as it takes months, anyway it is them that is looking for I innit!
Funny thing is that I would like to work in NZ but there is too little chance at the mo. I could set up shop there after a few years in Oz banking some beans and getting ready for retirement!


It seems thaere is quite a bit of hunting in NSW but lots of rules and regs. I'll look into this as it may come off!


Well if you like hunting its fairly easy in NZ. It takes 3 months to apply for a gun license to use rifles. It requires a form, a couple of interviews with the local police and covers all semi automatic fire arms except for pistols which needs a further form and a bit more time for character checks.

Guns are fairly cheap, most hunters seem to make do with a .22 which is more than sufficient for rabbits, peacocks etc. There are plenty of gun stores with a great array of weapons to choose from. Owning a gun over here is quite common, I remember popping over to see a friend and her flat mate was fondling his brand new pump action shot gun which he got for $650.

If you know a few hunters then you can be taken out for a hunt and the license thing is sort of overlooked. After all you can do almost anything once your out in the bush. There is plenty of pheasant, wild boar and deer, even just a 15 minute drive from Auckland. Possums are considered a pest here so if you shoot them you will be considered a legend. Kiwi's love to shoot things, just not people at the moment, which is nice!

As far as the "wife beater " thing I am sad to say it is true, per capita it is the 4 worst place in the world for domestic violence and rape according to WHO figures. That doesn't even account for the amount of cases that never get reported. The film Once Were Warriors is fairly typical of Maori / Pacific Islander family trouble, especially in small towns. The places don't look as grim as the film now (I live not to far from where the film was shot) but just because it now looks cleaner and more respectful, it doesn't change what goes on behind close doors.

I have a friend in Wellington and she came over as a nurse. She was shocked at the amount of women who visit A & E with "falling down the stairs" injuries and another friend down in Dunedin that was put into intensive care with multiple fractures after being thrown down some concrete steps by her P addict boyfriend. The rise in methamphetamine use has made things worse but there has always been a culture of men drinking excessively and taking it out on their wives. Its little wonder that kiwi women are quite tough as they have needed to be to combat this. Good for me as I like feisty women and they love us Brits :hump:


Been to Aus a couple of times, went for a good couple of months recently to think about migrating and house hunting. Great for a holiday and good for a years work or two but I wouldnt want to settle there personally.

Its like a sunnier, less PC, generally nicer, better, politer, respectful, straighter talking, cleaner version of the UK I thought, except very big and spread out with some american influence. I admire it in short, however I'm after somthing a bit different.

Shooting is hoofing mind. I had no problems being offered an opperunity after about 30 minutes in the pub local to where I was staying. Better than any game sports in the UK in my option, nice big pick up truck, few likely lads and some beer, weapons and a BBQ. I enjoyed it. They seem to have a habit of shooting out sign posts when there nothing else around though.

This was around ACT, in NSW I think the rules are a little different depending on where you are. But to be honest the rules realy don't metter outside of the reserves and cities. Most farms and local townships will have semi-organised shoots going on.

In the northern territory its crocodile dundee type country. There is a lot of good bush hunting to be done up there and a lot of bush living and camping/fishing to be done, its all big parks and just nothingness. Locals are best to ask for advice, or a good sensible tour operator, none of these backpacking arse's, it wouldnt be there sort of thing.

I enjoyed the northern territory, Its main town; Darwin, is quite racy and a bit rougher than the rest of aus which can be quite politically correct and bullsh*ty in some ways (not as much as here), and got a lot of abo's and australain defence force around, plus the odd yank ship in, so all is good with beer.

Enjoy it mate

Cant comment on NZ, but all the kiwi's I work with descibe it as the most relaxing lifestyle with the best/most options for adventure activity and sport.


ugly said:
Well ugs has been offered a chance down under and I am looking at New South wales. Just wondering despite the seasons being arrse about face what the opportunities for shooting are down there. I stalk and do game birds but how daft are the laws or do I grin and bear it for a few years then go to NZ?

Check out this Website and you will see that there are plenty of opportunities but pay particular attention to the firearms regulations.

Click Here for Field & Game Australia
Not that hard to get a firearms licence out here as long as you have residency/citizenship and a clean record. The keeping of them can be a pain in the coit at times particularly if you prefer shorts to longs. Most states want a firearms safety test to have been passed for longs. The shorts modules usually take longer and you generally end up on a PPL for a while for most places. Restrictions on number of bits and bobs you can have and where since Port Arthur. Need to have a genuine reason - it makes me feel like a big man doesn't count anymore unfortunately - and do minimum attendances which aren't that hard to comply with - again varies from state to state. NSW apparently has the most stringent legislation particularly on storage of kit. Many clubs out here are very standoffish and not a lot of help to get licences so you take your chances and find one that will help. Unless you basically are a master grade, very experienced preferrably with RO and BO quals and come with all your own accessories they really aren't interested in you. Other clubs and associations are trying to increase the publicity and "family friendly" face and will bend over backwards to help you get started out here. Easier in rural areas to get a good shot in more frequently at less cost. Personal networks count for a lot. Best indoor/outdoor range complex in NSW that I used when over there was the International Shooting Centre at a place called Cecil Park. It should be the best it was used for the Olympics in 2000. It was way out in the boonies and I was glad I had someone to get me there. All that said NZ much easier to shoot and own in than out here.


I have found the NSW regs regarding licensing and there doesnt seem to be too much of a problem, one place I am interested in is brisbane, so I can blag of the relatives for a while. A farm is what I want, not big but not likely to catch fire every christmas either.
Go Go go I have been to Oz a few times , just wish I could move there, lifestyle and attitudes, weather and down to earth . I was greeted in one shop in Perth " G'day you old cripple ,park your self up and we'll get what you need " brilliant ,at Ningaloo we went to see the dolphins and I was at the waters edge watching , 2 guys grabed my harness and took me out in to the water to get a better look, in this country I would have been mugged and left to float off like a turd.
Go it too good an opertunitty to miss.
I got a job offer just last week from a cousin who lives in Brisbane area.
He owns a company that makes shades.
If only Mrs.Cloggie could let go of her family a bit more... :frustrated:


That's the problem with the are incapable of seeing a golden opportunty even when it's right under your nose. LEave her behind with her family and go on your own (she can come out for holidays). That way, you clear the path for as many parties/extra marital affairs as you can muster and she's not there to bother you....and you get shot of the in-laws. You can buy the motorcycle that you always wanted but she stopped you from buying, you can get piSSed every night, live on whatever food you fancy.

Golden mate, golden.
Biccies,i don't have any trouble seeing the golden opportunities mate.
However, I still like the bird too much to just leave her not to mention Cloggie.jr 1 and Cloggie.jr 2 who i maybe love even more.
Still there's lots of work for me persuading her that it is in the best interest for us to head for Oz.
I told her the Aussies are dying to get people like her coming over, because she's a nurse (elderly disabled home).


Some friends of mine moved to NZ about 10 years ago. They were club level small bore shooters and wanted to take their guns with them.

As such they needed a UK sponsor to do the paper work, which my dad did (being on said club committee).

After filling in reams of Export license paperwork, including the imortal question 'are these weapons capable of delivering a nuclear warhead' :confused: , they got the guns out there.

When they went to the local Police station, the coppers there were bemused, and commented that they weren't guns, as they were kids weapons!!

Just shows the arse about face way we deal with guns in ths country compared to some others!! :frustrated:


Kiwis have a better attitude to firearms, more grown up and less nanny ish!


You are right there and its not just fire arms. In general people are responsible for their own actions more in NZ than the UK. It seems the UK government and society in general is too busy telling everyone else how to live their lives and removing their responsibility in the name of safety or for fear of being sued. "No win, no fee" certainly hasn't helped there. Too many people looking for a fast buck out of a situation for my liking!

Its actually so much more relaxing living here. I forget some of the little things that goes on until British mates say things that just make me laugh and be thankful we don't have that kind of stupidity here.

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