Australia will be Muslim in 50 years

Crikey, bet this headline caused a few pints of Foster's to be spilt!

Australia 'will be Muslim in 50 years'
By Mark Chipperfield in Sydney
(Filed: 15/02/2006)

Australia is at risk of aborting itself out of existence and could become a Muslim country "within 50 years" if a controversial, abortion-inducing pill is made available, an Australian MP claimed yesterday.

Danna Vale, a former minister and an MP with the governing Liberal Party, said the drug, known as RU486, could drastically reduce the country's native-born, largely European population.

"I have read comments by a certain imam from the Lakemba mosque [in Sydney] who actually said that Australia is going to be a Muslim nation in 50 years' time," she said.

"I didn't believe him at the time, but when you actually look at the birth rate … we are aborting ourselves almost out of existence by 100,000 abortions a year. You multiply that by 50 years and that's five million potential Australians we won't have here."

The Australian parliament in Canberra is debating whether to allow the introduction of RU486, also known as mifepristone - a move that is opposed by Church groups and the staunchly Catholic health minister, Tony Abbott.

The inflammatory remarks upset Australia's Muslim community, which is still reeling from December's race riots, when white and Lebanese gangs fought pitched battles in the Sydney beachside suburb of Cronulla.

Keysar Trad, head of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said Mrs Vale was trying to exploit people's ignorance of Islam. "It's just a cheap shot and it's very unfortunate," he said.

Mrs Vale's comments were also condemned by her own party, which is already divided over the abortion question.

The immigration minister, Amanda Vanstone, said the suggestion that people from Muslim countries might eventually outnumber native-born Australians was "completely ill-founded".

The opposition Labour Party described Mrs Vale's comments as "weird" and called on her to retract them.
I fully understand thier fears. It would only take a hundred or so for the UK to go the same way. Its not so much the abortion issue thats the problem. Its the amount of kids the average muslim family has. 5 - 10 is not uncommon. Where as alot of things said are a tad scaremongering in years to come they may be taken a bit more seriously.

Regards LT
Possibly not Dana's best researched public comment and already laughed out of court.
Meanwhile I have introduced a Lebanese Muslim to my Surf Club- name of Assiff.
Australia a muslim country, ever? Cr@p on Vale mate. Sensationalist nonsense on a slow news day.
Lucky_Jim said:
Australia a muslim country, ever? Cr@p on Vale mate. Sensationalist nonsense on a slow news day.
I think your wrong Jim,

just look at Berlin it´s the 3rd largest Turkish city after Ankara and Istanbul,with 1 million muslims,of which about 70% of the normal working population live on the dole,social security and housing benefits.

The Turks started coming about 50 years ago,and at 3 million are not a majority,but Aussie is a lot smaller population wise.And that´s just the Turkish population,I don´t know how many other muslims there are here,and they´re becoming a really big problem as they´re trying to get there own muslim state here as in GB.

I think 50 years is wrong,I´ll give them 30 if they rigorously restrict immigration of relatives etc.
I think I see your point midnight, but Australia's immigration rules are some of the strictest in the world. They're choosy, and rightly so, about who they let in and they're not afraid to kick people out if they transgress the rules. They don't have as many hand-wringers as we have, neither do they belong to the EU or anything like it that can impose rules from outside its borders.

Of course there's an element of wishful thinking on my part as I intend to move there before long. I hope that's not all it is.
Lucky_Jim said:
Australia a muslim country, ever? Cr@p on Vale mate. Sensationalist nonsense on a slow news day.
I concur. It would appear that an antiabortion activist is fear-mongering among the God-bothering, xenophobic, tin-foil hat wearing section of the Liberal Party. And why not? It's the sort of thing that could come straight from the Christian Coalition playbook that has worked so well Spam-side for the last 20 years.

Abortion as a national security issue? :roll: I'm surprised that Pat Robertson didn't come up with this idea first.

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