Australia will allow women to serve in frontline combat - NY Times Article

Discussion in 'Australia' started by barbs, Sep 27, 2011.

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    NYTimes, 27 Sep 11.

    "The announcement by Defense Minister Stephen Smith that the last positions that had remained closed to female soldiers — including the Special Forces, infantry and some army artillery roles — would be opened, marks the biggest shakeup of the country’s armed forces in more than a decade and comes on the heels of a series of embarrassing scandals for the Australian Defense Force. "
  2. From the link
    Now theres a novel idea, wonder if it will ever catch on here?
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Oh Gods not this again. This was done to death a couple of years ago.

    (By which I mean the subject matter rather than Oz's new policy upon it)
  4. If & when this ever happens in HMF's, my 1st question is will women be called up on mass to fight alongside the men as per WW1 & 2.
    My 2nd Question would be how would the vast majority of Britain,s Female population react to such a prospect?
  5. Maybe the british army will do the same when there have been half a dozen sex scandals at Sandhurst.
  6. I think they are on double figures at least at the moment.
  7. It's the basic of instincts, man + woman = SEX in the normal run of life & work that is not a big problem, however in a profession where people are put into extreme situations ie WAR/CONFLICT, then it can become a big problem.
  8. Don't forget what happens when you put a bunch of ******* bummers together in [a trench/the bush/the desert/a ship/a five star hotel (RAF)] (delete as appropriate).
  9. It doesnt matter how good a soldier a woman is, if she cant carry the kit required to complete the task in whatever role she is in, be that carrying everything she needs to survive for things such as the Special Forces, or loading shells into big guns as per the Artillery, then she becomes a burden and a liability on the rest of the troops around her. No amount of political debating will alter this fact. However if they can pass the courses (without them being watered down) and do the job, then good luck to them.
  10. Women in the workplace have move into areas not so many years ago people thought impossible. Having been out the mob now 11 years I have little idea how females are getting on with the job, all I do know is that some women have proved themselves the equal of the men, winning the confidence of the male soldiers they serve with.
    A real test would be to set up all female units, & if there was no problems then the proof is in the pudding as they say.
  11. That could be a dangerous few days each month.;-)
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  12. How much Chocolate, Nurofens and Hot water bottles would be sold?
  13. It's not just about whether a woman can carry the kit or not. Having women in a formerly all-male environment filled with agressive personalities forged into a fighting force by a system developed and refined, under fire, over centuries causes divisions, resentment, breakdown of cohesion and loss of morale and effectiveness.

    That it is foisted upon the ADF by politicians, as always, turns my stomach.

    That it has happened in wartime is somewhat surprising. Obviously that poorly-bred, double-chinned, back-stabbing, welsh ginger we have running the country needs something to distract the public from her boat people, carbon taxes and her leadership woes.
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  14. I agree in principle to what you say, but the fact is that women are fighting alongside the men in all 3 services, & I have not heard anything to say they are not producing the goods (militarily speaking).
  15. I don't think the issue is whether women can carry kit, do just as goood a job as a bloke etc. More importantly, the last thing I want to be doing when watching where I'm putting my feet in Afghan is to be getting distracted and thinking "I'd **** the arse off that". Women are a distraction for any man no matter how focused, and that's just the bare basics of it. The two sexes, generally speaking, function entirely differently psychologically, physically, emotionally. I don't think it's a good thing at all, and you only have to look at the public outcry when a female soldier is killed to see it would not be a popular decision in HMF.