Australia to ditch Queen as Head of State

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. No - Sods should be grateful, they're everything we made them

  2. Yes - Colonial ties are a thing of the past

  3. Don't Care

  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    With the recent change of power in Australia, there is a very strong likelihood that HM The Queen won't be Head of State for much longer. The new man in charge has firm views on republicanism (he leads the party of that ilk, after all).

    An Australian Republic?

    I'm really trying to think of a reason why this is bad idea and I can't come up with one other than the UK's desperation in holding on to the past and status quo. That argument doesn't flick my switch.

    With more and more UK residents heading for a new life in the sun down under, do we really care? Personally, I don't one bit.
  2. Good about time really
  3. If you dont care, why bother asking the question ?
  4. Didn't they have a referendum on the question recently?
  5. I'm Outraged

    Lets invade.
  6. They're independent. They can do whatever the hell they want. It'll only spice up the Ashes just that much more, so bring it on. Who really cares? Colonial Ties are a thing of the past, but we'll always treat them as Convicts regardless.
  7. If the republican lobby had won the referendum in 1999,there would be no question of another one now,so why as they lost the referendum should the republican lobby get another chance?.

    The main force behind the republican lobby are non-English speaking immigrants who have arrived in Australia in the last decade or so.If these immigrants don't like living in a country where the Queen is head of state,they should have stayed in whatever country they were born or living in before they came to Australia.

    Remember the Islamic trouble-makers rioting on Bondi Beach last year?.This is a classic example of the sort of person who is trying to turn Australia into a republic.

    Typical liarbore administration grubbing votes from immigrant scum.

    How long before this starts to happen in Britian?.
  8. I'll bet running a President would be a lot more expensive than what they contribute to HM. Think what the presidential elections cost the US. Think what they'd get!
  9. It would be interesting to find out how much HMQ actually costs the Ozzie taxpayer. I would hazard a guess that they just pay for the Governor General. What's the betting that Mr President will cost a whole lot more than the GG? There again, what price national pride? Pity our lot have no real idea on the subject.
  10. Strewth, we beat them twice at Rugby and they get all ARRSE'y
  11. He's a Chink!! What do you expect?
  12. Very similar to when the EU lose referendums a few months later they try again with the wording slightly changed.
  13. If it happened in Britain, then we would care.

    If they want to, so what? When you say this to tub thumping Oz republicans in London, they look at you baffled, expecting us to want to "own" the place.

    Also, when you opine, that when, not if, they have a military problem from the Asian hordes to their north, and not neccassarily a "Muslim" problem at that, and if at that time we don't share the same head of state, there will be few statehood reasons, or even man-on-the-street reasons to help them out, i.e would the French or Germans?

    So perhaps they might like to think again. Makes 'em think a bit, especially if you say it in a "no skin off our nose mate, you do what you like, but no going back, capiche?" type of way.

    I am in business with a former Oz PM, who once had the temerity to put his hand on the Queen's back and caused "outcry" (ie no one gave a damn).

    Walking along a street in west London one day to my car, a water bomb exploded on the pavement in front of us, kids obviously, with an OP in a high up window.

    "Strewth"said he" "what the fack was that?"

    "Royalists" said I, as quick as you like, putting my hand on the small of his back to steady him :D
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The referendum back in 99 was worded to make the change to a Republic unpalatable. If they word it more fairly then they will certainly ditch the Queen. No problem with it, about bloody time they climbed off our coat tails. :twisted:
  15. If they leave does that mean all the 'Royals' in the aussie regiments is dropped? and they lose the crown from all cap badges etc?

    Will ex Long Look get binned?

    At least all those Aussies who get OBE's and MBE's (and VC's) wont get them any more and things like this with HM Head on them:


    The Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal. The Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal was introduced in 1993 to recognise the contribution and service of individuals who did not qualify for the award of the Vietnam Medal. The qualification period for the Logistic and Support Medal is one day in the prescribed area of operations, on land, sea or air, in support of Australian forces.

    The look of money changes too...its not just a stroke of a pen to make them a dont hold your breath..