Australia: The Navys Going on Holiday

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bumper, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. The Australian Navy mostly won't be of much help with the pirate thing.

    The Australian government announced yesterday that it will shut down its navy for two months starting on Dec. 3 to allow sailors to go home for the holidays. Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said the break is meant to help solve the navy’s long-term problem with recruiting and retention by making the service more family-friendly. However, the measure might also be a way to manage operational costs.

    Of Australia’s three services, the navy has the worst retention and recruitment rates. While retention and recruitment for the navy are very serious long-term problems, the extended holiday, and thus the mooring of most ships at port, could also be a measure to keep operational costs down as the financial crisis affects Australia.

    The planned extended naval holiday leaves only nine patrol boats available to patrol Australia’s massive coastline in the north, east and west. (Only one patrol boat each will patrol the vast Indian and South Pacific ocean waters.)
  2. Good idea to advertise that the door is open and unguarded... Australia better stand by for an influx of several hundred thousand immigrants then... and the loss of her inshore fisheries...
  3. Can see the logic with recruitment/retention and the finance aspect, but would it not have been better to do the 2 month leave on a rotational basis rather than everyone off at the same time?

    Only 9 boats to available...well, it will be interesting to see what (if anything) happens as a result of this.
  4. I think it’s just a cunning plan by the Australians. The consequence of advertising that the entire Navy has gone for lunch and will be back in five minutes will be a large influx of unsavoury characters. But as they approach the coastline the full force of the Australian Navy will jump out from behind the proverbial bushes shouting “surprise.” Why take the fight to the enemy when they can bring it to you?
  5. Guess which government they have just got, a Labour one!
  6. Thomas - thanks for that! my boss now knows I'm not working after hearing me giggling at the vision of the Australian Navy popping out from behind bushes shouting "surprise"!! :D

    Interesting idea though.

    Another question
    I can see giving them two months off helping to solve the recruitment/retention problem if it were done every year, but would it really help if this is just a one off event?
  7. My understanding is that it is only ships not required for operations. There is a standing operation to protect the approaches to Aus, as well as lots of UAVs and Orions patrolling the approaches.

    I don't rate any illegal fishermen / immigrants chances over the Christmas break...
  8. How many do we have available around UK waters ? I dimly remember someone being grilled on Radio 4 and coming up with a grand total of 5 ?
  9. So out of 9 available Australian patrol boats, we've got 5 around the uk? Cool
  10. Don't worry, our Army is still on the job. Who needs a navy when you've got two hundred squaddies to keep an eye on 1.3 million square kilometres. Incidentally the Pilbara region is about one third of the state of Western Australia, or the equivalent of Texas. Except that Texas is a lot cooler and greener.
  11. i think you'll find australia is slightly bigger than the UK :roll: