Australia SASR gets SUPACAT; Oz army gets Mercedes G-Wagen

New wheels for special forces in $4.6bn army upgrade

Mark Dodd | September 29, 2008

AUSTRALIA'S frontline warriors, the elite Special Air Service Regiment, will be trading up in November to a fleet of new gunbuggies as part of the army's $4.6 billion re-equipment contract - its biggest vehicle procurement.

Ending a 50-year relationship with Land Rover, the army will also sign off next month on a $314 million contract with Mercedes Benz for 1200 new G-Wagon light four-wheel-drive vehicles as its off-roader of choice.
Special Operations Command troops, the SASR and commandos can expect to be driving an altogether new vehicle, the British-made Supacat - named the Nary in Australia in honour of Warrant Officer David Nary, who died during a Middle East pre-deployment operation in 2005.

Eight Nary trial vehicles are onschedule for a handover to theSASR in November, Defence Materiel Organisation sources confirmed yesterday.
Special forces have been allocated 31 new Nary patrol vehicles, which will replace the SASR's fleet of ageing Long Range Patrol Vehicles.
While procurement of the light vehicles has proceeded smoothly, the same cannot be said for army's medium and heavy truck fleet - the backbone of its frontline operational logistics.

Worth about $1.6 billion, the tender to replace the army's ageing fleet of trucks and trailers is running more than 12 months behind schedule and has cost taxpayers $30 million. The tender has been refreshed and is now expected to start deliveries of 2500 up-armoured trucks in 2013. The army called for additional armour protection in response to the deadly toll from roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Supacat seems to be cleaning the floor at the moment, tho believe UK vehicles are built by DML under some licence deal or such.


Book Reviewer
Yes and no, early variants were built at Supacat as were export variants, only the current variant coming into service with Para Reg etc are built at Devonport.

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