Australia probes navy sex games claims

Australian officials launched an investigation into allegations that sailors on board a navy ship were running a sex competition during an overseas deployment last year.

The Defence Department said the inquiry that began today comes after an initial investigation was found to be biased.

Three sailors from the HMAS Success were sent home last May after reports emerged that sailors were competing to have sex with the most number of female crew mates.

The investigation will look into allegations that dollar values were assigned to each woman on board and that sailors could win extra money if they had sex with a female officer or a lesbian.

The new inquiry is to be led by a retired judge.
It won't be long before the pucker-mouthed ******* ("officials") in that country - and this - launch investigations into the use of the right hand as instruments of unapproved self-abuse while at sea; I can see the headline: "Sailors defiled selves on national defence duty".

I bet their ugly wives make them squat to piss.
I saw the former CO of the ship, a RAN Commander, on TV last night. He looked a little uncomfortable, probably watching his chances of making Commodore slipping away ...

My understanding of the case is that it is less about what happened, more how it was dealt with. Jack will always be Jack etc, or Jill. The public prurience will not last long.

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