Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Longlooker, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Got your interest - well it is true - I am the Project Officer for Exercise Long Look and we are currrently filling the posts for Jun - Aug 08.

    For those of you who do not know about the project it is a tri-service, short-term (four-months), individual, unaccompanied, reciprocal exchange programme between the Australian Armed Forces (AS) and the New Zealand Armed Forces (NZ) and the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom (UK).

    A list of posts has been sent to major formations and you can find all the information on 2007DIN07-063 or on the LWC website.
  2. They have Fosters. Do it!

    Is it like a really like scale thing if it's a tri service transfer, or it is just like everyone transferring to individual units and not really making a big thing of it, so to speak.
  3. can stabs do it
  4. Can Pinch Point Trades do it?
  5. Ive known quite a few REME lads do it over the years, I wonder if any of the Aussie VM lads would like to take my place in Afghan next year while i nip over on your surf :wink:
  6. I know a few people who have done it. Some seem to have had a six month holiday whilst others have been thrashed and glad to get back.
  7. Hi there

    In answer to the questions above:

    Royal Engineers - It is individual and reciprocal ie. there are a list of exchange posts - you then swap with an AS or NZ Army individual. So individual not Unit.

    Balldrick - sadly not for the TA.

    Dingerr, The_IRON - Basically the answer is yes IF the CO will let you go, it is reciprocal ie one for one. It is classed as a Third Country Deployment, it has to agreed well in advance (as incoming individual has to complete pre-deployment training), they will also need to bring their personal protective equipment with them.
  8. "Third World Deployment" of you go to New Zealand!!

    LL - Check your PMs.
  9. Just as a matter of curiosity, I am too long in the tooth but I know guys that are interested. Do candidates need to be fully FE or can personnel who are P3 (deployable in admin roles only) apply?
  10. Apologies for the delay in replying - the answer is yes, possibly but dependant upon Exchange Post employment.
  11. Is there any way that TA can do it, such as going on to the FTRS list for 4 months?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suppose if they are FTRS, as you are supposed to do a one for one. We used to get Trg Coy NCOs swap and very occaissionally one or two for big FTX's in BAOR!
  13. could you pm me with the jobs available, very interested and having various discussions with RCMO at the moment over this -

    Due posting next year, on staffy board also so all being well l can come and say G'day
  14. I did it in 1998 and had an awesome time out there. Lots of beer, sport, women and made some good friends. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking of applying.
    That's about right when you blokes come over here. Bring 10 quid with you and you're set for 4 months. :D I did Longlook to the UK and we were strongly "advised" to take out a $5000, which equated to just over 2000 quid, loan just to survive. I am still paying it off. :( Anyone who gets a Longlook here is in for a good time. Unless of course you go to a unit about to go to the sandy region, then you're off with them.