Australia Needs You!

British soldiers recruited to fill the ranks Down Under
By Nick Squires in Sydney - Daily Telegraph
(Filed: 15/07/2005)

First it was British bobbies, now Australia wants to recruit British soldiers.

Months after more than 80 police officers started a new life in Australia, the country's army has announced plans to poach up to 300 British Army personnel a year to fill gaps in its ranks.

An Australian military team visited London last month to interview 45 officers and 15 from other ranks who expressed an interest in swapping their berets for the distinctive slouch hat of the Australian "digger".

Most of the applications were approved and the recruits are expected to arrive in Australia by the end of the year, many bringing their families with them.

Their visas will be fast-tracked under a special arrangement with Australia's immigration department.

The soldiers' relocation costs will be paid and they will be required to serve in the Australian army for a minimum of four years.

While the scheme is open to Commonwealth countries such as Canada and New Zealand, the bulk of recruits are expected to be British.
The only other way to get here is to get to Indonesia and get a boat from there and land on Ashmore reef, throw all your ID docs into the sea and claim refugee status. Of course that will mean a few years in detention on Christmas Island !. Welcome squaddies.
I know loads of Brit army lads that have gone over to Aus. Its more relaxed apparently for them. I wouldn't know! I only go over to see family, not to work!
I wouldnt believe the fast tracking visa thing.

They are desperate for comms engineers and engineers of any kind, i am still waiting for my visa to come through which i applied for nearly 2 years ago!!

But typical convicts though, they got sent down there, and now they are trying once again to Nick stuff in this case its armed forces!!
Weopan that works .... Sun .... Tinnies ... Barbies ... where do we apply :p
I had to sign a waiver that I wouldn't give notice until 2007, would this stop me going to Oz?
More News From The Land Down Under.

ADF may recruit Pacific soldiers: Hill

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) would consider recruiting experienced soldiers from Pacific nations, Defence Minister Robert Hill said.

Senator Hill said the ADF already some overseas recruiting and had taken on some very capable former British soldiers with experience in Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

"I look around the Pacific and I also see soldiers that are very experienced," he told reporters.

"If you take Fiji for example, for years they have provided peacekeeping forces in the Lebanon and the Sinai and elsewhere in the world.

"If they wish to migrate to Australia and apply for work in the ADF we may find that some of them are very well qualified for the job."

The ADF is currently facing a crisis in attracting the right number of qualified recruits. It's been suggested Australia could recruit up to 2,000 Pacific islanders into the army.

Senator Hill said the ADF would continue to recruit inside Australia for the vast majority of its personnel.

"If we can attract soldiers that add quality to the ADF from elsewhere in the world, I see that as a good thing," he said.

"We don't recruit very many and our recruitment will continue to be predominantly domestic.

"But in the same way as in other fields of endeavour, we complement that with skills and experience from outside Australia through our immigration program.

"I see that it can equally apply to the ADF."

Senator Hill said there was an ever expanding role for the ADF because of the threat of terrorism.

"That means we have got to have numbers as well as the technical capabilities and the training," he said.

Source: AAP News Service

Perhaps Australia should consider reforming the Pacific Islands Regiment.

It's amazing how often the wheel keeps getting reinvented!
BiGbAddAbOOm said:
Weopan that works .... Sun .... Tinnies ... Barbies ... where do we apply :p
Fair weapon, but shite boots and bergens.
Many threads have talked about this situation, and I feel that some of the mythes should be cleared up. As one of those in the process of transfering to the Australian Army I have obviously read a great deal about the subject. Even the Australian Army newspaper has carried an article on the recruitment of us Brits.

If anyone wants to know more about the process or options I would be pleased to pass on anything I know on the subject, or put them in contact with someone who can help in OZ.

The Australian Army's Sydney-based parachute battalion will move to Adelaide and form the core of a new battle group under a plan to update the army.

The change is a centrepiece of a federal government plan, being outlined by Prime Minister John Howard in Sydney on Thursday, to build bigger, stronger army able to deploy more easily around the world.

Under the plan, Sydney's 3RAR parachute battalion will form the core of a new army battle group to be established from 2011.

Defence Minister Robert Hill said the government had agreed in principle to relocate 3RAR from Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney to Adelaide's Edinburgh Defence precinct.

"Approximately 1,200 personnel from 3RAR and supporting elements will be relocated to form a new mechanised battle group," he said in a statement.

"Whilst 3RAR will form the core of the Battle group, A Field Battery in Sydney, some personnel from 1 Combat Engineer Regiment and 1 Combat Service Support Battalion in Darwin will also be relocated."

Senator Hill said the decision to relocate to Adelaide came after a review found there would be benefits in terms of access to transport, training facilities and maintenance support.

He said it also an attractive location for defence personnel and their families.

Senator Hill said Adelaide had good access to the Cultana Training Area and other training grounds in central and northern Australia, via the new Darwin to Adelaide rail link.

"Having mechanised battalions in both northern and southern Australia will allow rotations from tropical conditions during a soldier's service," he said.

Under the plan, 3RAR will form the army's second mechanised battle group, equipped with M113 armoured personnel carriers and Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles.

It will be structured like the Darwin-based 5/7RAR, which has performed with distinction in Baghdad and Al Muthanna province in Iraq, Senator Hill said.

He said the army's parachute capability would be maintained by the Commando unit 4RAR, which would continue to be based at Holsworthy.

Source: AAP
Shame about their parachute role. This will sting the "3" guys, especially as "4" are waving them goodbye at the gate.


A class distinction between thems that jumped and thems that didn't, when future recruits join the battalion.
I too am in the process, be it the early stages, but have had some encouraging emails from their overseas recruitng cell. Again PM me for more info.

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