Australia incest pair in TV plea

Should they:

  • Be allowed to carry on? - It was good enough for your mum/sister.

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  • Be locked up for their own good?

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  • Be forced to perform, three times a day on national TV?

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  • Be fed to Salt water Crocodiles in an two hour wildlife Special?

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No really!

John Deaves, 61, appeared on the TV show 60 Minutes with daughter Jenny, 39, and nine-month-old Celeste - to whom he is both father and grandfather.

Last month a judge banned them from having sex with each other and revealed they had a child in 2001 who died.

But they insisted on the programme that they were "normal intellectual adults".

They should be banned from breeding with anything let alone each other!
FatBoyGeorge said:
CC_TA said:
Ancestors were most probably convicts from Norfolk.
I used to have time for you CC_TA........ you've changed! I'm norfolk and I'm perfectly normal. Honest. Just look at my passport photo.

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