Australia in 2 minutes

Australia in 30 secs.
Checks you're white.
"Wanna a beer mate?"
"Yes thanks"
"Fuck off Pom!"
Done. :)
I'm going to be hearing 'Give us ya fackin' maney cahnt' all fucking day now.
Two minutes? Ok, so that's the culture, hospitality and reasons for visiting but what did they do with the other 90 seconds?
Don't listen to him. It's evidently a sun drenched paradise according to the droning ex pats who bore me with a daily weather forecast.
My father worked in Kununurra last year, and I believe all the Aussies he talked to their would agree with this guy.
Although not enough Aborigine bashing for their liking I imagine.

The guy does have a few points behind the ranting.

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